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AutoRAI Podcast #18 | Fons Nijkrake (Louwman BYD) on BYD’s growth in the Netherlands

October 24, 2023

The eighteenth episode of the AutoRAI Podcast features guest Fons Nijkrake, PR manager at Louwman BYD. We discuss key developments from the world of automotive and mobility. Among other things, about the growth of the Chinese car brand BYD in the Netherlands, the cost of road pricing, the new BMW X2, rallying on hydrogen and the promising new Citroën ë-C3. And as always, we have the regular sections “the ode of” and the “30 Seconds” courtesy of Bart Oostvogels. Enjoy! **Because of a problem with the microphone, our host Jur Raatjes is occasionally a little hard to understand. Apologies for the inconvenience.**

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