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AutoRAI Podcast #13 | Randall van Poelvoorde on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the automotive industry

June 2, 2023

The thirteenth episode of the AutoRAI Podcast features guest Randall van Poelvoorde, entrepreneur and AI explorer, to talk about the key developments of Artificial Intelligence in the automotive industry. We do so together with our regular host Jur Raatjes and AutoRAI journalists Nile van Leeuwen and Max Veldhuis. We also discuss the huge decline in subsidy applications for electric cars, price reductions on new cars, rising car sales in recent months, the all-new BMW 5 Series, the rise of in-car gaming and the uncertain future for VDL Nedcar. In addition, the regular sections are again provided by Bart Oostvogels, with an ode to the Ford Focus RS and the “30 Seconds.

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