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“Artificial intelligence (AI) will sell cars starting in 2025”

August 3, 2023

AI video

Phyron says it has made a huge leap with AI-powered software, adding a fully automated voiceover to an AI video, for example, for touting a used car. The voice-over feature is initially available in more than 22 languages with options for four male and four female voices in each language. Every feature of the voiceover can be adjusted, including pitch, tone, speed, voice equalizer and music amplification.

Could be as early as 2025

“It is only a matter of time before the technology reaches a level where it can compete with how a human salesperson sells cars offline. We think this could be as early as 2025 based on the current speed of AI development and adoption,” Sundstrand said.

Fully customized

Dealers looking to sell more vehicles faster can leverage the power of AI. Every variable in the data feed can be used to create an engaging voiceover to accompany the video, including the intro, outros, the “why we” and crucial call-to-action sections. Generative AI using Phyron’s proprietary large language model (similar to GPT-4 software) has been trained and refined specifically for automotive retail.

Here’s how it works

The AI can produce the voiceover based on existing car ads, marketplace and technical data. It works with any input, from 5 to 5000 words and can write the manuscript from the OEM copy, dealer’s website or predefined templates.

10 minutes

The system can process an unlimited number of videos simultaneously, taking about 10 minutes to display them all, live on a single store or on a classified online auction site. If a detail changes, such as price or promotion, the data feed is updated and the video is automatically redisplayed. And what does such an AI video look like? Here is an example.

AI video of a BMW X5