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Answer the most frequently asked questions about having your own private charging station

October 20, 2023

Electric driving offers several advantages, but finding a public charging station can still be tricky. Then it is also only to be hoped that he is not occupied. It can be nice to have your own private charging station. But can you just have them installed? What is involved? Are there different options? In this article, together with Essent, we answer the most frequently asked questions about having your own charging station.

Can I install my own charging station?

The most important condition for taking a private charging station is that your car can charge on your own property. For example, on your driveway. If your car cannot charge on your own property, then you will have to make do with a public charging station. You can ask your municipality to install one on your street if there isn’t already a charging station there. Note that even if the charging station is placed at your doorstep, it remains a public charging station that can be used by anyone. Also, your car may be parked in that spot only when it is actually charging.

What does a private charging station cost?

Exactly what a private charging station costs varies by situation. It depends on which type of charging station you choose, as well as how easy the installation is. Does it require a lot of digging or just pulling a cable? Broadly speaking, you should expect costs of between 1,000 and 3,000 euros. However, charging itself is much cheaper than at a public charging station. After all, with a private charging station, you only pay the cost of electricity. With a public charging station, a fee for the operator is added on top. Because the private charging station (or charging card) is linked to your power bill, the settlement is automatic.

Where do I buy my own charging station?

Today, there are many different providers of charging stations. Sometimes a car manufacturer offers its own private charging station, but even then the installation often goes through parties where you can also buy a charging station directly. Whatever is most advantageous is worth comparing. A general advice is to at least choose trusted parties, such as Essent.

Does my meter box need to be modified for a private charging station?

Not necessarily. With a standard meter box, your private charging station offers a charging capacity of 3.7 kW. Somewhat depending on the car, that means that in an hour you top up about 20 km of range. If that’s not enough, you can have your meter box upgraded, allowing for a load capacity of 11 kW or even 22 kW. Keep in mind that not only is there a cost associated with the amplification itself, but after that, the grid management costs are also higher. So consider carefully whether you really think the aggravation and higher payload is necessary for your situation. Professionals such as Essent will advise you on this during a free consultation.

What is a smart charging station?

A “standard” private charging station is similar to a public charging station. You determine the moment of charging by plugging in your car. With a smart charging station, you can choose the charging time. When you get home, you plug in your car and charging starts only at a time of your choosing. Or the charging station itself decides when is the most advantageous time to charge, as long as the battery is charged at the (preset) time you want to leave again. A smart charging station offers more benefits. A clear understanding of your charging sessions and associated costs, for example. With a smart charging station, it is also extra easy to make use of, for example, self-generated electricity from your own solar panels. This way you charge your car with your own electricity, that’s another win-win situation!

Do I also need a charging card for a private charging station?

Yes, you also work with a charging card at a private charging station. In fact, by signing up with it, the private charging station knows it’s you. So someone else cannot charge their car at your expense, or occupy your private charging station. You get the charging card when you purchase the private charging station. You can usually use the same charging card for charging at public charging stations.

Who takes care of the maintenance of a private charging station?

A public charging station is of course maintained by the manager who installed it, but what about a private charging station? First of all, a charging station basically requires no maintenance. That makes a difference. If a malfunction or failure does occur, contact the party that installed the charging station at your site. Installation also includes a manufacturer’s warranty. Optionally, you can also sign a service contract. Then the private charging station is checked at an agreed fixed frequency (for example, annually). Depending on the provider, post-warranty troubleshooting costs are also included.

Are you already driving electric? Essent ‘s charging pole specialists are happy to advise and help you with the possible purchase of a charging pole or charging card. Together you will arrive at an appropriate solution.