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An allergy-free dog: this is SPOT, Hyundai’s robot dog – AutoRAI TV

June 14, 2023

Various types of mobility aids

Portable exoskeletons, unmanned vehicles, all-terrain rovers – at Hyundai it is not just limited to producing passenger cars, but various types of mobility aids. The company is constantly looking for the next challenge and new innovations. Hyundai even acquired Boston Dynamics, a company specializing in robotics.

Boston Dynamics

The acquisition of Boston Dynamics allows Hyundai to merge and expand its future mobility concept, including autonomous cars, logistics and Urban Air Mobility. Hyundai aspires to an era when robots are fun and capable companions for humanity that will take our current mobility services to new heights.

Loading robots

All that technology results in charging robots, for example, to allow electric cars to be charged automatically, without you having to plug the charging cable into the car yourself. But exoskeletons are perhaps even more interesting. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration in particular will be pleased, as these systems provide relief for strenuous occupations or restore mobility to people with mobility problems.

What does a robot dog cost?

By the way, Hyundai is not alone in experimenting with new forms of mobility and robotics. For example, Honda is also active in this field, a well-known example being Asimo, a human robot. Toyota is also working in these sectors, for example with smart robotic wheelchairs. One tangible proof of a Hyundai robot is SPOT, a robot dog. It was initially developed by Boston Dynamics. But since Hyundai is now the boss there, Spot gets to “play outside” in many more locations worldwide. So too in the Netherlands, where we get to know SPOT in a studio.

Cost of the critter? “You have to think about the price of two Konas,” said Anne Lobbes, spokeswoman for Hyundai Netherlands. A quick calculation: so that means SPOT costs between 60,000 and 90,000 euros.

Why is there a robot dog like SPOT?

Robotic dog SPOT is super smart. It is full of cameras and sensors and can even run. But he also executes basic commands nicely, when he feels like it and when the battery is sufficiently charged. Not only can SPOT dance like no other robot, but SPOT can reach places that are difficult for humans to reach. SPOT was created to make people’s lives safer and easier. Thanks to its agility, strength, balance, smart cameras and all-terrain feet, SPOT can navigate all types of landscapes.

Entertainment industry

Currently, SPOT robots can be used in the manufacturing, construction, research, mining, energy and public safety sectors, as well as in the entertainment industry. “Some television programs, for example, have bought a copy. But also universities are already showing interest,” Anne Lobbes adds. Either way, SPOT turns out to be a particularly friendly quadruped in practice. Watch the video and you’ll see for yourself.

Sniffing SPOT, Hyundai’s robot dog – AutoRAI TV