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Alpine strictures soccer legend as ambassador

February 17, 2023

Alpine introduced its brand new ambassador during the presentation of the BWT Alpine F1 Team’s new Formula One car. The presentation of the Alpine A523 with which the drivers Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon will compete next season had been long planned. But the fact that Zinedine Zidane also appeared on stage was quite a surprise.

When a soccer legend like Zidane appears somewhere, the cameras immediately dive on it. For Alpine ideal to create extra attention for the brand and convey a certain message with the help of its charisma and fame. Thus, in his role as ambassador, Zidane will be particularly committed to Alpine’s diversity program to provide young talent with equal opportunities in the automotive industry, in Formula One and beyond. “I think it is important to tell children that one day they can become the champions of tomorrow and always believe in their dreams, no matter where they come from and what path they take in life. This project by Alpine is designed to help make this possible,” Zidane said.

Since his departure as Real Madrid coach in 2021, Zidane has been clubless. So plenty of time to visit the occasional Formula One race. The Alpine F1 Team’s pit box will then appear a little more often on the screen, it is expected. Moreover, Zidane says he is a motorsports enthusiast. “Alpine’s vision and concrete approach appeals to me, while as a Frenchman I have a special bond with Alpine as well as being a Formula One fan.”

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