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Alpine comes out with extra hardcore A110, especially for hill climb Pikes Peak

March 8, 2023

Alpine and Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

The legendary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb remains one of the most challenging events in the world. There is no room for making mistakes, so a nice prospect for Alpine. The hill climb is affectionately known as “the race to the clouds. The complete course is 19.93 kilometers long with a total of 156 turns. The start takes place at an altitude of 2,865 meters. The finish line is 1,440 meters higher.

Big challenge

Therefore, the hill climb is a tough test for the machine, body and nerves. The changing air pressure has a major impact on engine power during the climb, while riders often have to deal with a particularly dusty road, changing weather conditions, varying positions of the sun, blind turns and the ever-present threat of the ravine. In short: thrills aplenty. The video below of Sébastien Loeb in the Peugeot 208 T16 Pikes Peak says it all.

Alpine A110 GT4 Evo

Alpine will appear at the start on June 25 with a specially prepared Alpine A110 GT4 Evo driven by Raphaël Astier: winner of the 2022 FIA R-GT Cup with an Alpine A110 Rally. The car has undergone extensive development work to endure this iconic climb. Imposing is the substantial roof fin.

Alpine A110 Pikes Peak