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Alpine A110 R: even lighter, but not more powerful

October 4, 2022

Less is more

A missed opportunity? That remains to be seen, as the Alpine A110 S or A110 GT already has more than enough power at its base to get the already not-heavy body moving. You don’t always need more power. Less is more, you know? And so with this Alpine A110 R, Alpine has focused not on realizing more engine power for the 1.8-liter four-cylinder turbocharged gasoline engine, but on further reducing vehicle weight.

A110 R is 34 kilograms lighter

And that worked out well. The Alpine A110 R weighs only 1,082 kilograms: a solid 34 kilograms less than Alpine A110 S. Alpine achieved this by making modifications to certain body parts, such as the front luggage cover, the rear window, the hood (the engine is mounted in the middle) and the rear diffuser. Alpine uses mostly carbon fiber.

Unique carbon wheels

For extra low weight, even the wheels are made entirely of carbon, good for a weight saving of 12.5 kilograms compared to the wheels of the A110 S. In addition, the wheels have a specific design, with the front wheels being more open and the rear wheels more closed.

The performance of the Alpine A110 R

The aerodynamics of the A110 R have also been optimized to improve downforce while reducing drag. There is 29 kg of additional downforce at top speed, which also improves balance in fast turns. At the same time, drag has been reduced by 5% (track mode), bringing the top speed to a 285 km/h. The lower vehicle weight results in a 0-100 time of 3.9 seconds. That is 0.3 seconds faster than the A110 S and A110 GT. As ever, the 1.8-liter four-cylinder delivers 300 hp and 340 Nm of pulling power.

No rear window

The rear window, which is also made entirely of carbon fiber and therefore opaque, now also covers the engine compartment to replace the hood. In the center of the panel is the third brake light. The air intakes have a valve to provide metered air to the engine.

Six-point belts

The Sabelt Track bucket seats in the A110 R are also made entirely of carbon fiber and together provide a weight savings of 5 kg. Both seats are equipped with six-point harnesses that accentuate the A110 R’s motorsport character and provide excellent support and ditto seating comfort under all conditions.

Lowered chassis for Alpine A110 R

The suspension is 10 mm lower than the A110 S, while ground clearance can be reduced another 10 mm with the adjustable dampers. Also, the front stabilizer bar is 10% stiffer and 25% stiffer at the rear compared to that of the A110 S. The suspension is also 10% stiffer at the front and rear. The shock absorbers developed specifically for the A110 R are hydraulically adjustable to adjust handling to personal preferences. Through a twenty-position ring, the force and speed at compression and relaxation of the damper can be adjusted.


As standard, the Alpine A110 R is shod with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 semi-slick tires in size 215/40 R18 on the front axle and 245/40 R18 for the rear wheels.

Exhaust System

For the A110 R, the A110’s signature dual exhaust features a 3D-printed double wall to isolate the exhaust gases and protect surrounding components. How it works is simple: the outer wall stays cooler than the inner pipe through which the exhaust gases flow.

Alpine A110 R in Racing Matt Blue

The introductory color of the Alpine A110 R is Racing Mat Blue. The all-carbon fiber roof is finished in gloss black. Racing Mat Blue is the color of the Alpine F1 Team’s Formula 1 car, the Alpine A522. Blue, red and black, carbon and microfiber: all colors and materials that refer to motorsports, Formula 1 and Grands Prix.


The new Alpine A110 R will be built at the so-called “Alpine Dieppe Jean Rédélé” factory in France. The sports car can be ordered in the Netherlands from Alpine Centre Soestdijk and Alpine Centre Hengelo. Be careful though, because the edition is very limited for the Dutch market. The starting price is not yet known.

Alpine A110 R technical data.