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Alfa Romeo Tonale Edizione Bambini is the perfect car for brand-new parents

March 30, 2023


An Alfa Romeo survey found that 59% of young parents think it’s important for the interior of their car to be clean, but that this is impossible when traveling with children. Nearly half (48%) of parents surveyed called their car messy or untidy. In fact, more than half (56%) of respondents admitted to being embarrassed to have someone else in the car because of the mess their children made.


Time to change that, they think at Alfa Romeo. The brand has unveiled a concept version of its latest SUV, which is equipped with all sorts of things that make traveling with children less stressful. Consider a built-in slide-out baby changing table, a front-facing baby monitor and an array of additional storage options. All this while “maintaining the premium feel and distinctive style of Alfa Romeo.”

Baby changing table

With the Edizione Bambini, you’ll never have to change your child on a roadside sink somewhere again. The car has a custom-made baby changing table hidden just below the rear shelf. You can easily slide it out and it sits at just the right height. It comes with a mat that you can easily clean at home. The “table” is finished in the same material as the rest of the upholstery, and a large Alfa Romeo logo flaunts on it. Only Italians can come up with a stylish changing table. Under the table is still plenty of room for a few suitcases or daily shopping.

Baby monitor

Alfa Romeo’s survey also found that 43% of parents get stressed by having no idea what their child is doing in the back seat while driving. Therefore, the Edizione Bambini is equipped with a baby monitor. Behind the front seats are cameras aimed at the back seat. Through an app, passengers in the front seat thus always have a view of their child. To keep the kids entertained, the car also features tablet holders on the back of the driver and front passenger seats.


For trash, such as candy wrappers or tissues, the Tonale Edizione Bambini is equipped with a six-liter waste bin. The trash can is attached in the footwell behind the center console and can be completely removed if desired. For cleaning the interior on the road, a car vacuum cleaner is stored in the luggage compartment, which can be recharged on the road via the 12V socket.

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