Air masseter – what is it and how does it work?

November 2, 2022

How does an air masseter work?

As mentioned, the air masseter is a sensor. In English, we speak of a mass air flow meter (MAF). It constantly measures how much fresh (outside) air is being drawn into the engine. A certain amount of air is required for proper combustion of the fuel. The more precise the mix of air and fuel is, the more efficient and better the combustion in the engine will be. And that’s where the air masseter comes into play.

Good mix

This is because the air masseter ensures that the mix is perfect. It ensures that in addition to air, a sufficient amount of fuel is injected into the engine. In addition, the sensor controls that ignition in the engine occurs at exactly the right time. With the measured data, the air masseter can also provide information to the engine about the active carbon valve and idle speed. These are controlled in the best possible way thanks to the air masseter.

What is the service life of an air masseter?

An air masseter does not have a fixed lifespan. This depends in part on how often you drive your car in the rain and how much air passes the air masseter. There are also air masseters of different quality. How often you start the car can also affect its lifespan. With all this considered, the air masseter will last 50,000 kilometers on one person and perhaps 250,000 kilometers on another.

Is my air masseter broken?

If an air masseter is broken, you will notice it in the performance of your car. For example, you may find that fuel consumption increases, top speed is lower, the car does not idle properly and a light on the dashboard comes on while you feel the car is still running fine. If you recognize these symptoms, it would be wise to take a look at your air masseter (or have it looked at). The cause of air masseter failure is often dust and dirt from the air passing the sensor. To repair the air masseter you will have to be very careful when cleaning it. It is best to outsource this to your local garage. The easiest option is (have it replaced), in which case you will pay about 30 euros for the part.

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