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AC charging: Shell throws up price per kWh at charging station

October 28, 2022

Rate change for charging stations Shell

The Shell Recharge network can be found at regular Shell gas stations. Handy for EV owners, as they can top up their electric car just as quickly, with AC (normal charging) or with DC (fast charging). Shell announces rate change effective Oct. 31, 2022. In particular, rates per kWh (kilowatt hour) for AC charging are increasing. This amount per kWh increases from 40 to 46 euro cents.

Fast chargers rate

The rate per kilowatt hour at Shell Recharge fast chargers remains unchanged. That’s because rates previously increased by 30 percent. As of Oct. 31, you still pay 68 cents per kWh. This rate applies only to roaming partners of Shell Recharge. If you hang your car on the charger with a Shell Recharge charge card at another charging provider, you will pay a fee of 0.83 euro cents per kWh from October 31, 2022. Previously, it was also 0.83 cents.

Overview of Shell charging rates as of 31-10-2022 within the Netherlands:

Charge point category Price per kWh (incl. VAT)
Shell Recharge network
Quick chargers (DC) €0,68
Community by Shell Recharge Variable – view prices in the app
Roaming Network*
Quick chargers (DC) €0,83
Regular charge points (AC) €0,46

Transaction costs

All charging sessions are subject to a €0.32 transaction fee with a maximum of €6.32 per month. This is equivalent to 20 charging sessions per month.

VAT reduction

The rates listed include the effect of the Dutch government’s temporary VAT reduction on energy from 21% to 9%. This temporary reduction is valid through Dec. 31, 2022. So after that, you can count on a price increase. A little longer and the rate per kWh will reach 1 euro or more. Charging is then almost as expensive as filling up with gasoline or diesel.

Substantial gains in 2022

Shell benefited in the third quarter of 2022 from sharply higher gas and lng (liquefied natural gas) prices. In second quarter of 2022, Shell still posted a profit of nearly $11.5 billion. So in two quarters, about $21 billion in profit.