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A Dacia in the C-segment: soon to be a reality!

November 12, 2022

Dacia in the C-segment

Dacia is entering the C-segment, and sooner than you think. The production version of the Dacia Bigster represents a first step into the C-segment. Two more vehicles will follow, allowing Dacia to double its profits. More information cannot be given by Dacia at this time, but there is no doubt that larger Dacia models will appear.

CMF-B platform

At the same time, Dacia also continues to cut costs and benefit from doubling the volume of the global CMF-B platform for all brands, which will reach as many as two million units by 2030. Dacia is also smoothly transitioning to EV technology in Europe by pioneering affordable EV solutions. The Dacia Spring is currently Dacia’s only EV model, but many more electric Dacia models will follow.

Combustion engine also remains important

Yet Dacia is not losing sight of the development of conventional internal combustion engines either. The brand continues to invest in ICE technology. ICE is an abbreviation for internal combustion engine. To that end, Dacia is seeking cooperation with Renault Group and Geely.

Under the name “Horse project,” Renault Group and China’s Geely are combining their ICE operations into a 50-50 entity. This company designs, develops, manufactures and sells all components and systems for ICE and hybrid powertrains.