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7 x reasons why you should also go touring by motorcycle

August 19, 2022

Feeling of freedom

Let’s get right to the point: riding a motorcycle just gives you a thrill! The feeling of being one with your iron steed and being able to go anywhere you want. It is the ultimate freedom. You speed up, negotiate curves and beat the miles. That sound, the wind, the smell; it can’t be compared to anything. You have the power and strength to conquer the asphalt and explore the world!

All year round

Thanks to the mild winters of recent years, the motorcycle is a fine and practical means of transportation all year round. Weather conditions and temperatures are almost never an impediment to getting on the bike anymore.

Motorcycle is more mobile than car

By motorcycle, you are a lot more mobile than by car. You can also ride small roads and spots. Where you can’t go any further with a car, you often can with a two-wheeler. This also applies when the road is very busy.

Easy parking

Parking is also a lot easier. You have enough of a narrow parking space. So even between two double parked cars you can easily park your motorcycle.

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Reduced fuel costs

Especially now that fuel prices are so high, motorcycling is worth it. In fact, a motorcycle uses significantly less fuel than a car. Do you have to travel quite a few miles to work every day? Then it is much more advantageous to go touring with your motorcycle!

World Friends

As a rider, you probably know “the greeting”; the pointed finger or hand gesture that bikers make among themselves. It creates a special camaraderie between riders among themselves. When you go touring on your motorcycle, it gives you a nice feeling to meet numerous “world friends” along the way.


Touring by motorcycle is immensely calming. The riding alone is a good outlet. And when you’re on your way to a beautiful location with a few days off in mind, your day can’t go wrong!

Well prepared for travel

Whether you’re touring for longer or simply going to work, it’s important to be on a good machine. Service your motorcycle regularly and before every big trip. Among other things, check that brakes, lights, chain and tires are still in good working order. For your safety and riding comfort, a good, well-fitting helmet is also essential. Quality motorcycle clothing is also very nice to wear.

This article was co-authored by Helmet fanatic Rick Meijers.