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7 electric cars that take infotainment seriously

January 8, 2024

Cars, especially electric ones, offer much more than just transportation. They are living rooms on wheels, complete with entertainment, a movie theater experience, gaming capabilities, mood lighting and more. More and more manufacturers are incorporating advanced infotainment centers into both their concept cars and their factory models. Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, BMW, Cadillac and Tesla are taking electric vehicles into the future with infotainment.

In this article, we discuss some EVs with state-of-the-art hardware and software that may offer more entertainment than your own living room.

Mercedes-Benz EQS – Hyperscreen

With an impressive 56-inch screen, the Mercedes-Benz EQS steals the show in an ever-growing infotainment landscape. The beating heart of this technological gem is the MBUX system, distinguished by driver-adjusted “tuning. These allow the driver to control nuances such as lighting and driving modes according to personal preference. In addition, gesture controls add a futuristic touch, where drivers can simply wave their hands to execute specific commands in the car.

The centerpiece of this advanced system is the Hyperscreen: an impressive 56-inch-wide panel of curved glass that serves as the main infotainment display for electric vehicles such as the EQS.

This seamlessly joined trio of separate screens offers not only visual splendor, but versatility. Whether watching movies, surfing the Internet, playing games, or even enjoying your favorite games at a foreign online casino, the Hyperscreen guarantees an advanced and entertaining driving experience, for both drivers and passengers.

2024 Lexus LM

The 2024 Lexus LM offers a unique approach to luxury travel by transforming a minivan into a driving living room. Although self-driving is not yet possible, the minivan is presented as the ultimate environment for a mobile living room.

In the back seat, passengers can enjoy a sumptuous 48-inch HD widescreen display with three different modes: full screen, cinema and a mode where the screen can be split into two separate displays.

In addition, two HDMI ports are available, making it easy to connect phones or tablets, further personalizing the travel experience. This luxurious minivan promises a cinematic experience for affluent passengers.

Sony Afeela

First unveiled at CES 2023, Sony’s groundbreaking Afeela prototype is a testament to the company’s extensive expertise as a giant in consumer electronics.

What sets this electric vehicle apart is its integrated PlayStation functionality, which allows users to play games on the go through the EV’s comprehensive infotainment screen. This makes the Afeela the only car with deep PlayStation integration, making it a unique and attractive choice for gaming enthusiasts. It comes with a Dual Sense Controller and it may be ideal for keeping children occupied during long car rides.

Cadillac Lyriq

The high-end Cadillac Lyriq EV marks a leap forward in the world of next-gen infotainment. With an impressive 33-inch glass screen, the Lyriq provides a platform on which users can install apps and take advantage of an advanced range of entertainment options.

The display has a simple setting, which is a definite advantage while riding. The intuitive interface provides seamless and safe operation while keeping the driver focused on the road. In addition, the Lyriq is integrated with Google Assistant, which can be activated via a push-to-talk button.

Tesla Model S

Tesla’s Model S stays true to the company’s pioneering spirit, not only in the world of electricvehicles but also in the field of infotainment. The Tesla offers a versatile array of entertainment options, including the ability to play games such as Cuphead, sing karaoke and surf the Web.

But it goes beyond entertainment, with unique features such as the “biodefense” mode, which filters all incoming air for improved air quality in the car. There is also the “Sentry Mode” that detects and records suspicious activity.

While some of these features may seem a bit excessive, they have earned a special place among Tesla’s loyal fans.

BMW iDrive

The BMW’s iDrive system takes personalization to a whole new level by approaching the concept of “modes” in an innovative way. In addition to the usual Sport mode and Efficient mode, which offer presets for acceleration, handling and energy consumption, Personal mode introduces in-depth customization. In this mode, drivers have full control over all applicable parameters, such as engine sound, lighting and more.

What makes the iDrive system truly remarkable is the My Modes feature, which allows drivers to adjust up to 10 different parameters of the car to suit their specific needs and driving style. In addition, the system offers an Intelligent Personal Assistant, a voice-activated AI that allows drivers to easily adjust things like the car’s climate, lighting or even navigation.