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653-hp BMW XM is just a warm-up

September 28, 2022

Stands out nicely

Yep, pretty ‘in your face’ right? The BMW XM stands out. That was even already in camouflage costume. The headlights split into two parts, the BMW Iconic Glow kidney grille with gold trim and the large air intakes are the signature elements on the front of the BMW XM.

By the way, the BMW XM is not only the highlight of the model offensive in BMW M GmbH’s anniversary year, the car is also the first M model designed entirely by BMW M GmbH since the BMW M1. Consequently, the observant viewer will detect several details that refer to the legendary BMW M1 mid-engine sports car.

BMW XM with details of BMW M1

The side view refers to the black strip across the flanks of the BMW M1 with the gold-colored accent line. Other references to the history of BMW M come in the form of the BMW logos engraved in the rear window and the distinctive styling of the taillight units.

Built in the United States

Production of the BMW XM will begin in December of 2022 at BMW Group’s plant in Spartanburg, USA. The car will appear in dealerships worldwide in the spring of 2023. The main markets for the BMW XM are the United States, China and the Middle East. A Dutch starting price of the BMW XM we already know: 175,142 euros.

Powertrain BMW XM Label Red

BMW kicks off with a variant with M TwinPower Turbo V8 gasoline engine and a particularly powerful electric motor, together good for a system output of 480 kW (653 hp). This variant is just a warm-up, as a BMW XM Label Red will also follow, which will be the most powerful production road car in BMW M GmbH’s history.

The BMW XM Label Red has a system output of 550 kW (748 hp) realized by a gasoline engine with 430 kW (585 hp) , an electric motor with 145 kW (197 hp)) and a maximum system torque of 1,000 Nm. The gasoline engine delivers a maximum of 750 Nm and the electric motor 280 Nm. The BMW XM Label Red will be added to the range in the fall of 2023.

Powertrain BMW XM

Until then, there is the “normal” BMW XM. But it’s not really helpless with that “basic version. The powertrain consists of a 360 kW (489 hp) 4.4-liter V8 gasoline engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology and a 145 kW (197 hp) electric motor. This results in a system output of 480 kW (653 hp). The 4.4-liter engine features a so-called cross-bank exhaust manifold and an optimized oil separation process.

The eight-cylinder gasoline engine is supported by an electric motor integrated into the eight-speed M Steptronic sport transmission. The pulling power of the electric motor is available immediately from standstill. The so-called M Hybrid powertrain delivers a maximum system torque of 800 Nm (gasoline engine maximum 650 Nm, electric motor 280 Nm). Between gears, the electric motor can temporarily deliver an effective maximum torque of 450 Nm to the gearbox.


The BMW XM sprints from standstill to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds. Thanks to a sports exhaust system, that should sound pretty intense. The exhaust system has electronically controlled continuously variable valves and dual hexagonal exhaust tailpipes. For the first time for a BMW M model, the exhaust tailpipes are placed one above the other.

Driving Modes Electric

There are several driving modes to choose from, namely Road, Sport, Sport Plus, Electric. In Electric, a maximum speed of 140 km/h is possible and the pure electric range is 82 to 88 km (WLTP). This is possible thanks to a lithium-ion battery, which is mounted in the bottom of the car and has a usable capacity of 25.7 kWh. The charging connector of the BMW XM allows charging with alternating current (AC) up to a rate of up to 7.4 kW.

M Hybrid button

For the first time, there is also the M Hybrid button, which allows the driver to select the desired combination of the gasoline engine and/or electric motor. There is a choice of Hybrid, Electric and eControl. Furthermore, there is a Setup button that gives direct access to the settings of the drivetrain, chassis, steering, braking system, M xDrive and the degree of regeneration of energy when braking.

Another button is used to select M Mode. If the driver switches from the default setting Road to Sport, this limits the degree of intervention of the driver assistance systems to the essential functions for sporty driving – this also applies to the information displayed on the dashboard.

Two personal M mode settings can be saved, along with the M Hybrid system’s preferred settings, engine sound, Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) and transmission shift characteristics. These can be accessed using the two M buttons on the steering wheel.

Drive BMW XM

Power from both engines is directed to the road surface via the M xDrive all-wheel drive system. That most of the power goes to the rear wheels is especially noticeable in 4WD Sport mode. There is also a 4WD Sand mode, specifically for driving on dirt roads. The M Sport differential on the rear axle is fully variable. The wheels are sized from a minimum of 21-inches to even 23-inches.

Undercarriage Technology

The BMW XM features a double wishbone front suspension, a multilink rear suspension and specially tuned kinematic and elasto-kinematic characteristics. The BMW XM comes standard with the adaptive M suspension Professional with electronically controlled dampers and active roll stabilization with 48-volt electric motors and Active Roll Control. This is also the first BMW M model to come standard with Integral Active Steering.

Through the use of an M Sport differential on the rear axle and the cooperation of all control systems, the BMW XM benefits in terms of grip, agility and stability. The M Sport brake system works in conjunction with an integrated braking system that gives the driver a choice of two levels of brake pedal feel.

Standard equipment BMW XM

Standard equipment includes M multifunction seats, knee pads, a model-specific leather-wrapped M Sport steering wheel and M-specific graphics – including a warning light for when it’s time to shift gears – in the BMW Curved Display and BMW Head-Up Display.

The sculptural headliner is unique with its three-dimensional prism structure, the edges of the headliner in the style of a picture frame, and a hundred LED lights to illuminate it all in Ambiance lighting colors create the Lounge feel.


In addition to a choice of four interior finishes, there is also new optional “Vintage” leather trim for the upper part of the dashboard and door panels. Ambient lighting, four-zone automatic air conditioning, the Harman Kardon Surround Sound System and the Travel & Comfort System are also all part of the standard equipment. Options include a Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System with a 1,500-watt amplifier and four additional speakers in the headliner.

Driver assistance systems

Standard equipment includes Driving Assistant with Front Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning with steering correction, Avoidance Assistant, Fatigue Assist and Speed Limit Info. The optional Driving Assistant Professional combines Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go and numerous other functions. These include Steering and Lane Control Assistant, traffic light recognition, Speed Limit Assist and Active Navigation. Parking Assistant Plus is also standard. In addition to Reversing Assistant, this system also includes Surround View, Panorama View, AND 3D View.

hefty displays in BMW XM

The interior of the BMW XM features hefty displays. Or rather, a Curved Display, consisting of a 12.3-inch Info Display and a 14.9-inch Touch Control Display. The familiar iDrive Controller and multifunction buttons on the steering wheel are complemented by a BMW Head-Up Display and BMW Gesture Control as standard.