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50th Tesla Supercharger in the Netherlands a reality

June 26, 2024

Tesla V4 Superchargers

V4 Superchargers are equipped with a longer cable, allowing easy access for all EVs, including brands other than Tesla. V4 currently supports peak speeds of up to 250 kW per car and is future-proofed to enable updates and new features. In an optimal situation, a Model 3 Long Range can recharge up to 120 km in 5 minutes.

Tesla Superchargers in the Netherlands

There are now 50 Supercharger locations in the Netherlands near strategic highway locations. Together, these are more than 872 charging stations. There are currently more than 15,000 Superchargers spread over more than 1,200 locations in 32 European countries.

Membership Model Supercharging

Tesla recently introduced a membership model for all Supercharger network customers. EV owners have access to discounted Supercharger rates with a membership. Tesla owners are automatic and free members. The monthly membership rate for Supercharging has been reduced from 12.99 euros per month to 9.99 euros per month. There is also a new annual membership option for 100 euros per year, a 16% discount over a monthly membership.

With this update, Tesla owners continue to enjoy a seamless and fully integrated Supercharger experience at lower rates per kWh for members than non-members, while owners of another brand’s EV can choose from more affordable options. Supercharging without membership remains available at stations accessible to all EV drivers. Customers with an active membership benefit from an automatically reduced monthly fee or can switch to an annual membership.

Superchargers are displayed on Tesla’ s website and on the in-car touchscreen