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5 fun motorcycle games for the cell phone

July 11, 2022

Bike Baron 2

Bike Baron 2 is a mobile game developed for apple devices. They list their game as “the best way to crash your motorcycle in style from the safety of your room. In this game you can have fun with “monster jumps” and “hazardous contraptions” combined with platform and puzzle elements. The game works smoothly and is easy to control. The cartoon style makes each crash as much fun as a well-deserved victory!

Moto X3M

The goal of Moto X3M is to maneuver your motorcycle through various levels, where moving obstacles try to stop you. In this game you have the surreal ability to stop or turn in mid-air, making you a flexible driver! This game is released on Android, iOS and in the Web browser.

Slots Angels

This slot game from Betsoft is the ideal choice if you want to test your luck in a casino online. With biker related graphics, a powerful heavy metal soundtrack and a Return To Player of 97%, the game feels like home for biker enthusiasts. So it’s not a racing game, but as a motorcycle enthusiast it’s definitely an option to keep an eye on.

Bike Race: Motorcycle Games

This classic is a familiar one to the average smartphone gamer. With over 100 million downloads, this is a popular game, which can be explained. The game has a simple layout, which makes it appealing to any age group. The goal is to pass different levels, which are difficult to pass because of their loopings, bumpy construction or big jumps. There is also a tournament element to the game and it is possible to play online against other people. The more you play and the more levels you get, the more you can upgrade your bike.

Racing Moto

Finally, we discuss Racing Moto. This game, developed by Droidhen Casual, is a fast-paced racing game. The game makes things difficult for you by having you maneuver into heavy traffic at high speeds. The view does not bore with the desert, city, bridge, sea and forest backgrounds! You control the bike by moving your phone.