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10,000 euro discount on Dacia Spring Electric in Germany: also for the Netherlands?

January 11, 2024

Dacia ElectroBonus applies to all versions

The quoted price of 12,750 euros applies to the Dacia Spring Essential Electric 45, which should cost 22,750 euros in Germany. But other versions of the Spring also qualify for the ElectroBonus, including the top model: the Extreme 65 with more powerful electric motor. The bonus is valid for all versions until March 31, 2024, while supplies last.

Discount also valid for Dutch people?

Now the question is: Are you also eligible for this ElektroBonus as a Dutchman? Because in principle, the idea is quite simple: anyone who buys a new Spring Electric from stock now will receive a 10,000 euro discount on the car.

Research from Dacia

Dacia’s German PR man – Andreas Lübeck – let know the following in a comment, “This ElektroBonus from Dacia applies to all versions of the Spring available from participating Dacia partners and runs until March 31. We are currently investigating whether it is legally possible to buy a Dacia Spring Electric in Germany from abroad with cash while retaining the 10,000 euro bonus. Financing through Mobilize Financial Services is in principle only possible for residents of Germany.”

Action also in the Netherlands?

So Dacia Germany is investigating whether you can benefit from a 10,000 euro discount on a Spring Electric with a cash payment – for example, as a Dutchman. As soon as we know more about that, we’ll provide an update. Kevin Engelsman, spokesman for Renault and Dacia in the Netherlands, commented that there will be no such action in the Netherlands.

SEPP grant

Of course, it is particularly interesting if it is possible to buy a German Dacia Spring at a discount as a Dutchman. If such a purchase is then also made through a Dutch Dacia dealer, the individual may also be able to benefit from a SEPP subsidy of 2,000 or 2,950 euros. This is still under investigation. One thing is clear: A discount of 10,000 euros is pretty hefty.