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You will pay this for traffic fines from March 1th

March 4, 2022

road safety

The cabinet wants to increase road safety and the means they use for this are simple but effective: sky-high fines. From 1 March, for example, you will pay 100 euros more if you use your smartphone while driving. For unnecessary left-hand driving, you now pay 220 euros, 70 euros more than before . If you hinder emergency services, such as a fire truck or ambulance, you can transfer 350 euros and from now on you do not have to pay 150 euros but 220 euros for the transport of minors without a seat belt.

Lower fines

The extra income from the higher fines is used to reduce the fines for relatively minor traffic offences. For example, speeding fines for less than 10 km/h are reduced by 15%. From now on you will not even receive a fine at all if you drive 3 kilometers too fast on a road where the maximum speed is 130 kilometers per hour. So you’re only screwed if you put the cruise control at 134 km/h. You do not pay 400 euros but 250 euros for causing unnecessary noise with a motor vehicle.

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