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Yamaha MT-10 SP from LEGO

August 19, 2023

The Yamaha MT-10 SP is part of LEGO Technic’s adult-oriented construction kits. 1,874 bricks comprise this $229.99 package. So you will take some time to assemble this device in 1:5 scale. 45 centimeters long, 24 centimeters high and highly detailed. For example, it has a working gearbox, an engineering feat according to LEGO.

Engine fanatic from LEGO

This Yamaha was a challenge that LEGO designer Lars Thygesen, a motorcycle enthusiast who has worked for the LEGO Group for more than 30 years, was only too happy to accept. “We knew we wanted to make a gearbox that works the same way as a real gearbox in a motorcycle,” Lars said. “For that, we designed a number of new elements. The gearbox has four new parts. One is the so-called shift drum. There is also a tensioner drum, which looks like a gear divided into eight. And finally, there are a shift fork and shift ring.”

MT-10 from LEGO with gearbox

Shifting gears with this Yamaha MT-10 SP from LEGO can be done with the foot pedal, exactly like the real version of this naked bike. That one has six gears; the LEGO version offers three. You engage the first gear by moving the pedal down and the second and third by moving the pedal up. So the same principle as on your own motorcycle, except that the LEGO version does not ride. It is mainly about showing how an engine gearbox works. The LEGO Technic Yamaha MT-10 SP set has a scale of 1:5, which means it is the largest LEGO Technic motorcycle in that area along with the LEGO Technic BMW M 1000 RR.

App at Yamaha MT-10

The set also includes an app. That’s kind of fun! After all, you don’t have to unplug components and bricks to let curious people get a glimpse of the LEGO transmission. The app provides a mode for an X-ray view of the engine. Just point your camera at the model to conjure up its insides. The app then shows you in real time how everything works. There is also a mode to display the full-size LEGO model in your room and a mode to ride the real Yamaha MT-10 SP through a cyberpunk world. When you activate the throttle, you will see the engine accelerate, see the rpm count and hear the engine roar.