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Windfall: recycling fee drops Jan. 1, 2024

November 6, 2023

When do you pay recycling fees?

The recycling levy applies to all cars and light commercial vehicles that receive Dutch registration plates for the first time and used cars imported from abroad.

“With the recycling fee, some 200,000 end-of-life cars can be almost completely recycled each year.”

What do you pay recycling fees for?

A good question: what you actually recycling fee for. The recycling fee will ensure that each importer helps pay for recycling and that all cars continue to be recycled responsibly. This is in everyone’s interest. The RDW believes it is important that car recycling is well organized and done in a sustainable way.

ELV directive

According to the European End-of-Life Vehicles Directive, 95 percent of an end-of-life vehicle must be reused or recovered. In recent years, auto dismantling, shredding and recycling companies have achieved a recycling rate of more than 98 percent. The recycling fee allows some 200,000 end-of-life cars to be almost completely recycled each year.