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Ways to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen

August 19, 2022

Lock up

Sounds logical but is often forgotten – or not considered important. In any case, put your motorcycle on steering lock and also use an additional lock. Locking your motorcycle hardly takes any time at all and causes the thieves guild to have to take an extra step to take your motorcycle. Indispensable, then, is a disc brake lock. Its compact size makes it easy to carry under the seat of your motorcycle or in your backpack. You mount it on the brake disc of your front wheel so the wheel can’t rotate. Don’t forget to take it off when you go for a spin yourself!

Don’t feel like bringing a disc brake lock? Then you can also choose the locks from Roadlock. These locks sit permanently on the front wheel calipers and you can activate them with a turn of the key. They come in different sizes, so check carefully to see if the desired lock will fit your motorcycle’s caliper.

It is not unwise to additionally secure the motorcycle at home. Having an anchor point in the shed or garden to which you can attach a chain lock will provide extra security. In addition, it often deters thieves. Chain locks come in a variety of sizes and price ranges.



In addition to a good lock, you can choose to reduce the risk of theft by fitting an alarm to your motorcycle or having it fitted. When the system detects movement, the alarm goes off and will scare the thieves away. Or at least alert you so you can see who is on your bike.


Track & Trace systems

If the bike is taken by thieves, you can use a Track & Trace system to find your bike. You hide the GPS tracker somewhere in your motorcycle. When the GPS tracker goes beyond a certain range, it emits a signal. Via your smartphone you will then receive a notification and you can see where the engine is located.


Motorcycle cover

While you may not initially think of a motorcycle cover when it comes to theft prevention, it does help. Suppose you are forced to put your motorcycle on the sidewalk because you live in the middle of town, for example, it can help to make your motorcycle “invisible” with a motorcycle cover. This makes the bike less conspicuous, and you can often put a lock through the cover through holes provided by the manufacturer. This way you make it extra difficult for thieves to steal your motorcycle, increasing the chances of getting caught.

Motorcycle cover


When you lock up a motorcycle properly and take extra measures regarding theft prevention, the insurance company may give you a discount on your premium. It is then often the case that the locks must have a certain certification, usually at least ART 4. Check with your insurer about the options and conditions so that you are properly covered in case of theft. Nothing gives you such a bad feeling as the realization that your motorcycle has been stolen.