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Volvo EX90 a lot cheaper, how can that be?

July 10, 2023

Volvo EX90 Single Motor

The Single Motor makes its debut in the Volvo EX90 and will be available for the Core and Plus variants. The Single Motor is equipped with one electric motor on the rear axle. The output of the Single engine is 208 kW/279 hp with 490Nm of torque. The battery capacity is 104 kWh. Expected consumption is 19.9 kWh/100 km with a range of up to 580 km (WLTP). The Single Motor has a braked towing weight of 1,200 kg. Twin Motor variants can tow up to 2,200 kg.

Exterior Volvo EX90

The exterior of the Core differs from the Plus and Ultra versions. The underside of the front and rear bumper, sills and diffuser are Charcoal matte instead of Glossy Black on the Plus and Ultra. The window surround, mirror caps, underside of the grille, lidar cover and trim on the tailgate are in Glossy Black, though. In addition, the integrated roof rails on the Core are matte black instead of Glossy Black on the Plus and Ultra.

The Core and Plus have standard 20-inch 5-spoke Aero rims and the Ultra 21-inch 8-spoke Aero rims. The 21-inch rims are, however, available as an option for the Core and Plus. Also, 22-inch 5-spoke Aero rims are optionally available for the Plus and Ultra. Exterior colors are available for each variant, with the standard color always being Vapour Grey metallic. In addition, a new exterior color Mulberry Red metallic has been added.

Volvo EX90 interior


The Volvo EX90 comes standard with seven seats and a panoramic roof. The interior of the Core features Nordico upholstery in Charcoal color scheme, dual power adjustable lumbar supports and a “Dark Matter” inlay in the interior. Starting with the Plus, the lumbar supports are four-way power adjustable and there is a Birch wood inlay with backlighting. The steering column of the Volvo EX90 Core is manually adjustable. The Plus and Ultra versions have a power-adjustable steering column.

SunLike LEDs

In the new Volvo EX90, the car’s interior is illuminated with the emulation of sunlight via a full package of SunLike LEDs. The Core is equipped with Lighting Pack 1, the Plus and Ultra with Lighting Pack 2, adding illuminated door surfaces and entry lighting.

Also standard are the 14.5-inch touchscreen and 9-inch driver’s display with wireless Apple CarPlay. Starting with Plus, the EX90 is equipped with a graphic Head-up Display. The Core comes standard with a High Performance Audio System with a 325W amplifier and 10 High Performance speakers. The Plus and Ultra feature the Bose Premium Sound System with 940W of power and 14 speakers. The Bowers & Wilkins hi-fi audio system is available as an option from Plus.


The Driver Understanding System, cameras and lidar are standard on the Core and Plus versions. The Ultra comes standard with Visual Park assist with 360° cameras. This functionality is available as an option for the Plus. The rearview camera can also be switched to a zoomed-in view close to the car, which can be useful when coupling a trailer.

The Volvo EX90 Core, Plus and Ultra continue to set the highest standard of safety. The arrival of the new Core and Plus variants also make Volvo’s electric flagship more accessible to a wider audience. With this, along with the arrival of the new Single Motor drive, the variants cater to different customer needs.

Price List Volvo EX90

Plus Plus
EX90 Single Motor € 83.495 € 87.995
EX90 Twin Engine € 88.995 € 93.495 € 99.195
EX90 Twin Motor Performance
€ 98.495 € 104.195

Monthly rates Care by Volvo (48 months/ 10,000km for Fixed and 3 months for Flex)

  Fixed Flex
EX90 Single Motor Core € 1.249 € 1.379
EX90 Single Motor Plus € 1.319 € 1.449
EX90 Twin Motor Core € 1.329 € 1.459
EX90 Twin Motor Plus € 1.399 € 1.529
EX90 Twin Motor Ultra € 1.489 € 1.619
EX90 Twin Motor Performance Plus € 1.459 € 1.589
EX90 Twin Motor Performance Ultra      € 1.549 € 1.679