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Volvo EX30: all the details on this little electric Volvo, including prices!

June 7, 2023

Volvo EX30: the new bestseller from Volvo?

The Volvo EX30 helps the Swedish automaker respond to the growing demand for all-electric cars in a fast-growing segment. “We are delighted with the arrival of the new Volvo EX30,” stated Herrik van der Gaag, Managing Director Volvo Car Netherlands. “A compact SUV that stands out in terms of safety and durability. It is a true Volvo that combines competitive pricing with excellent performance, rich equipment and strong EV capabilities. This unique mix of qualities makes it our ambition to achieve the number one position in the Dutch sales charts with the EX30. We also expect the XC40 to remain as popular as ever. Among other things because of its extra space and range. We will therefore offer the EX30 alongside the all-electric Volvo XC40 and C40.”

Volvo EX30: pricing and private lease

The Volvo EX30 can be ordered in the Netherlands starting now from 36,795 euros. Private Lease rates start at 519 euros per month (60 months/ 10,000km). Care by Volvo, the flexible car subscription, is available from 539 euros per month (48 months/ 10,000km) and the business lease rate starts at 499 euros (ex. VAT per month/ 72 months). There are four versions of the EX30 that are eligible for the SEPP grant. See below for full details.

Overview with all prices

Model Drive Implementation Power 0-100km/h Range Consumer price
Volvo EX30 Single Motor Core 272hp 5,7s 344km € 36.795*
Volvo EX30 Single Motor Plus 272hp 5,7s 344km € 39.795*
Volvo EX30 Single Motor Extended Range Core 272hp 5,3s 480km € 41.495*
Volvo EX30 Single Motor Extended Range Plus 272hp 5,3s 480km € 44.935*
Volvo EX30 Single Motor Extended Range Ultra 272hp 5,3s 480km € 47.995
Volvo EX30 Twin Motor Performance Plus 428hp 3,6s 460km € 49.995
Volvo EX30 Twin Motor Performance Ultra 428hp 3,6s 460km € 52.995

Equipment Volvo EX30

The Volvo EX30 has rich equipment. For example, the new model comes standard with 18-inch alloy wheels, 1-zone climate control, Google navigation, Vapour Grey metallic paint, High Performance audio and a rear Park Assist camera. Standard safety equipment includes Safe Space technology, Adaptive Cruise Control and BLIS blind spot detection. “With its high equipment and competitive pricing, the EX30 is also going to convince many gasoline drivers in this segment to switch to electric driving,” Volvo Cars Netherlands expects.

Design Volvo EX30

The Volvo EX30 has a striking design. Features include a long wheelbase, large wheels and equal overhangs. Other details include a closed grill and a digital display of the headlights with Thor’s hammer. Five exterior colors can be ordered, including Cloud Blue to Moss Yellow. The latter color was inspired by lichens growing on rocks along the Swedish west coast. The interior looks quiet and has hefty displays with Google software. For the EX30, you can also choose from five different themes for ambient lighting. Each theme is inspired by a different Scandinavian landscape and subtly shifts color, giving the interior a sense of calm.


Volvo offers the EX30 with three powertrains and two different battery types. The basic version has one motor and an LFP battery. The standard LFP battery, which uses lithium iron phosphate chemistry, is more cost effective and uses fewer resources. Ideal if a large range is not very important.

If one wants to maximize range, the Single Motor Extended Range variant with an NMC Extended Range battery is the best choice. The NMC battery contains lithium, nickel, manganese and cobalt and produces its energy more efficiently than the LFP variant. This single-motor, extended-range option gives a range of up to 480 km between charges.

If performance is the priority, there is the Twin Motor Performance variant in which the NMC battery is coupled with an additional second electric motor. This all-wheel-drive variant of the EX30 delivers 315 kW (428 hp), with 0-100 km/h acceleration in 3.6 seconds. Officially Volvo’s fastest accelerating car ever!

Charging Volvo EX30

Another thing the EX30 can do quickly is recharge. The Twin Motor variant has a charging capacity of up to 153 kW, while the standard version has a capacity of 134 kW. That means the battery can be charged from 10 to 80% in just over 25 minutes.

Also as a Volvo EX30 Cross Country!

Finally, Volvo has another surprise. Starting in 2024, the EX30 will also be available as a Cross Country variant. Order books for this special version of the compact electric SUV will open in 2024 and production is expected to start later that year.

The Volvo EX30 Cross Country builds on Volvo’s long Cross Country history. It comes with an array of custom features, including more ground clearance, 19-inch black wheels and the option of 18-inch wheels with custom tires. The Volvo EX30 Cross Country is recognizable by the skidplates on the front, rear and sides, the special black panels on the front bumper and tailgate and the Cross Country logo. The small Swedish flag on the hood completes the look.