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Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept: green light has already been given

September 4, 2023

Based on the Volkswagen ID.2all

It’s time for the electric GTI, according to Volkswagen. This Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept previews. The study model is based on the Volkswagen ID.2all presented in March. Development into series production has already been approved.

“With front-wheel drive, sleek design and powerful proportions, this model is a perfect starting point for a new GTI where driving pleasure, durability and ease of use are a perfect match,” Volkswagen said.

GTI, with the “I” of…

From now on, the I in the legendary three-letter combination also stands for “Intelligent. Because the electric motor set-up is almost completely variable, the Vehicle Dynamics Manager of the ID. GTI Concept integrate the powertrain even further into the management system than in combustion engine models.

With such variables as the drivetrain, steering, sound and even switch points in the style of historic GTI models, this allows for a wide range of GTI profiles. These are selectable via the new GTI Experience Control in the center console. That makes ID. GTI Concept also a dynamic time machine.

Volkswagen ID GTI Concept

The basis: the Volkswagen ID.2all

Like the first GTI in 1976, the ID. GTI Concept use the design and technology concept of an attainable series production model, in this case the Volkswagen ID.2all. The ID. GTI Concept is compact. It is 4.10 meters long, 1.84 meters wide and 1.50 meters high. The wheelbase is 2.60 meters.

Features GTI model

The distinctive shape of the C-pillar, red framing of the grille, black rear spoiler, matte black wheel arch extensions and Diamond Silver Metallic color are references to the first Golf GTI. Modern GTI elements such as honeycombed air intakes are also reflected in the design. The red trailing eyes are a nod to motor racing. 

New GTI elements 

Also with new design elements, the ID embodies. GTI Concept the future of the GTI. Good examples are the LED strip-connected IQ. LIGHT LED Matrix headlight units, upright LED daytime running lights, the illuminated Volkswagen logo and the black-framed air-curtains in the sporty front bumper. The alloy wheels catch the eye with their 20-inch size, eight double spokes, distinctive circle with eight openings and finish in a combination of black and polished high gloss. The ID’s taillight units. GTI Concept are interconnected by a black strip and the central Volkswagen logo is illuminated. The black diffuser consists of two parts. The powerful look is further provided by the fact that the wheel arch extensions match it. The black rear bumper is reminiscent of that of the primal Golf GTI.

Volkswagen ID GTI Concept

Interior Volkswagen ID. GTI Concept

With such striking details as sport seats upholstered in checkered fabric, a gear knob in the shape of a golf ball and the three-spoke sports steering wheel with its distinctive recessed central section, the interior of the first Golf GTI was also high-profile sporty. The ID. GTI Concept interprets these elements in its own unique way. For example, the recessed airbag in the three-spoke sports steering wheel bridges the gap to the steering wheel of the Golf GTI I. A modern detail is the illuminated 12-hour marker.

In the horizontal spokes of the steering wheel, controls for such things as the dashboard, the augmented reality head-up display and the audio volume are perfectly accessible. Although the automatic transmission in the ID. GTI Concept is controlled by a switch on the steering column, the golf ball design does make an appearance in the interior: the golf ball in the center console is the control for the GTI Experience Control, which is used to select driving profiles and the dashboard display.

GTI Seats, GTI Cockpit

The sport seats in the ID. GTI Concept are partially upholstered in a ‘Jack-e’ checkered pattern fabric – a reference to the checkered ‘Jacky’ seat upholstery of the Golf GTI 6. A red pulsating LED element is integrated into the passenger’s headrest. This “GTI Heartbeat” sensor makes it clear when the car is locked that the alarm has been activated. 

Various views for the digital instrument cluster can be selected via the GTI Experience Control. In addition to the already sporty standard look, there is also a vintage GTI display, where the instrument cluster has the feel of the cockpit of the legendary Golf Pirelli GTI. 

GTI head-up display and GTI mode

The augmented reality display merges the virtual world with the car’s environment. This display also projects information (speed, remaining range) into the passenger’s field of view. In standard mode, white light (GTI Silver Drive) is used for the displays and backlighting. When the driver activates the new GTI mode, it changes to the hue GTI Red Turbo. Then, for example, the display also projects the map of the track being driven on, and the position of the car on the track can be seen. A race even displays the current position, lap times and number of laps completed. The ID. GTI Concept also uses this to show what is possible in the future. 

The ID. GTI Concept already features elements that are almost ready for series production, such as the large touch display (12.9 inches) and the climate control system controls located below it. For the most important functions, there are illuminated buttons that are within easy reach for both the driver and front passenger. The sound volume is easily adjusted with a thumb-operated rotary switch. Phones can be charged wirelessly. In addition to several USB-C ports, there is also a 230V jack. 

Also a little practical?

Ease of use is an integral part of the GTI DNA. The ID. GTI Concept, which sits on the MEB entry platform, seats five occupants. The flexible luggage compartment with additional clearance box has a capacity of 490 liters (1,330 liters with the rear seats folded down). Even under the rear seat is another lockable storage space with a volume of 50 liters – ideal for laptops and tablets, for example. 

Also with its efficient powertrain, low weight, good streamline, large battery and perfect balance between sportiness and comfort, the ID. GTI Concept ready for any (long) trip.

Volkswagen ID GTI Concept

Volkswagen ID GTI Concept

Volkswagen ID GTI Concept