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Volkswagen ID. Buzz – everything you need to know

March 11, 2022

Volkswagen ID. buzz

For about twenty years, Volkswagen has been teasing its fans with exciting concept versions in the style of the original T1 bus. But it never got beyond a number of study models . When the brand introduced the ID Buzz Concept in 2017, we were skeptical about the coming of a production version. But this time it was serious, the ID.Buzz can be ordered from May and will appear in Dutch showrooms this autumn. The brand immediately introduces two versions, a passenger car and van version: the ID. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo.

MEB platform

The ID. Buzz and ID. Buzz Cargo are on the MEB platform, which you already know from the Volkswagen ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, Skoda Enyaq, Audi Q4 e-tron and the Cupra Born. The ID. Buzz is thus fully electric and also uses the same ID drivetrain. In the floor is a 77 kWh battery pack. Later there will also be a smaller battery pack, undoubtedly the 58 kWh battery, which is in many ID models. Charging at a wallbox or public charging station is possible up to 11 kW and a maximum of 170 kW charging power is feasible at a fast charging station. Charging then only takes 30 minutes from 5 to 80 percent.

204 hp

On the rear axle is the well-known 204 hp and 310 Nm strong electric motor. The ID. Buzz is therefore, just like the classic Volkswagen T1, a rear-wheel drive. A four-wheel drive version will come later.  The original T1 didn’t go faster than 100 km/h, but the ID. Buzz continues up to 145 km/h. Sat quickly, in front of a bus. Volkswagen does not yet reveal the 0-100 figures.

Range Volkswagen ID. buzz

The Germans are also a bit vague about the range. We have to think of a range of about 400 kilometers. In practice, this will be approximately 300 to 350 kilometers, depending on the outside temperature, driving speed, driving behavior and many other factors. If you drive all day in the city — for example as a parcel deliverer — then it can easily reach 500 kilometers or more.

ID. Buzz Cargo

And the ID. You can often come across Buzz in the city, but mainly as a delivery van version: the ID. Buzz Cargo. You can get it with two or three seats in the front, but more importantly: it has a cargo volume of 3.9 cubic meters  — good for two euro pallets  — and a payload of 650 kilograms. He is always allowed to enter the city center, because there is of course no roaring petrol or diesel engine. You will have no trouble maneuvering the bus through narrow streets, as it has a turning circle of 11 meters. Is that good? Yes, because a Golf has the same turning circle. And that while the ID. Buzz is 4.71 meters long.

passenger car

The passenger variant also offers sufficient space. There is room for five people and up to 1,121 liters of luggage. With the second row of seats folded down you sit on 2,205 liters. Later there will also be a six- and seven-seat version of the ID. Buzz, as well as an extended wheelbase version.

The interior is strongly reminiscent of the interior of the regular ID models, such as the ID.3 and ID.4. A large infotainment screen is displayed on the dashboard and the driver is presented with a digital set of instruments, which is on the steering column and moves with you when you adjust the steering wheel. However, the selector lever in the bus is not attached to the digital instrumentation.

The ID. Buzz comes to our country around the fall. Volkswagen will announce prices later.