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VIDEO: The insane intermediate accelerations of the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport

October 29, 2022

Fair is fair, a little electric car these days already pulls up to 100 km/h faster than many a supercar. Therefore, that is not at all special anymore. It is actually only after that 100 km/h limit where it becomes special. Indeed, most EVs flatten out in their acceleration at that point, while supercars and hypercars are actually only then really well into the race. This is definitely the case for the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport with its mighty 1,600-hp 8.0 W16, as the German YouTube channel AutomannTV proves when filming the intermediate accelerations of the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport.

Measuring intermediate accelerations

At 1,960 pounds clean off the hook, the Chiron Super Sport is by no means a light boy. Seen in that light, it is altogether bizarre to observe how quickly the needle of the speedometer moves from 100 mph to 200 mph. The Bugatti takes only a mere 3.5 seconds to do so. You can also hear that the driver already has to get off the gas when the engine is just starting to get a little bit of steam. What a brute force! You immediately believe that this car can thrust straight to its equally otherworldly top speed of 490 km/h.