VIDEO: Drift Mansion, the ultimate vacation home for petrolheads?

June 14, 2023

Suppose you are looking for a vacation and you want some. A nice big house with a swimming pool and a tennis court, for example, preferably with a little sun too. How nice it would be if you could combine those things with your own drift track. This is every petrolhead’s dream, isn’t it? Then we have news for you, because Little Talladega offers exactly everything we listed above! Not only do you have your own drift track there, you can also go karting or simply race on the hefty layer of asphalt draped around the mansion. In addition, you can explore the further surroundings on quads via various “ATV trails. In short, there is more than enough to do. Even if your friends or family are less into driving, because the house also has a golf course, gym, basketball court and even a real arcade full of old arcade machines. In the video below, YouTuber Larry Chen shows you it all.

What does that cost, a few nights at Drift Mansion?

With so many activities, it probably comes as no surprise that the Drift Mansion is not cheap. You can only stay there for two nights or more. Cost? At least $6,000, converted to about 5,500 euros. That’s pretty pricey, but on the other hand, the house is big enough to share with quite a few friends or family. You can take up to 20 people, so then again the cost per person is not too bad. Now only the plane tickets remain, as the house is in Pomona, a town in the U.S. state of Missouri. In short, all in all it is quite expensive, but in return you get an unforgettable vacation!

Source header image: Driftmansion on Instagram