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Used gasoline cars reach record prices

October 4, 2023

Second-hands are expensive

Recent research by Automotive Mediaventions, the company behind and AutoTrack, shows that used cars are even pricier this year than last. Especially the asking price for gasoline cars reached a remarkable peak, with an average record price of 19,521 euros, which is almost 3,000 euros more than the previous year. A solid increase of a whopping 18 percent. If you include diesel and electric cars in the calculation, the average price for a used car in the Netherlands now comes to 23,654 euros.

Most searched brands

The Dutch are mainly interested in German-made cars. German car brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are clearly preferred by Dutch car buyers. Below you can see the top 10 most searched for car brands in the Netherlands on the car sales sites listed above.

Grade Car Brand Percentage of searches
1 Volkswagen 10,4%
2 Audi 8,5%
3 BMW 8,0%
4 Mercedes-Benz 6,4%
5 Ford 5,5%
6 Toyota 5,3%
7 Volvo 4,4%
8 Peugeot 4,3%
9 Opel 4,0%
10 Kia 3,7%

Most wanted models

It probably won’t surprise you that when it comes to choosing a specific car model, Dutch people also often end up with German-made models.

Grade Car Model Percentage of searches
1 Golf 2,2%
2 Polo 1,9%
3 3 Series 1,5%
4 A3 1,4%
5 Focus 1,2%
6 Tiguan 1,0%
7 C-Class 1,0%
8 Fiesta 0,9%
9 5 Series 0,9%
10 A4 0,8%

Gasoline remains dominant

Although there are fluctuations in preference for certain fuel types, gasoline remains dominant in searches, followed by hybrid gasoline and diesel. Although demand for gasoline cars did drop sharply to “only” 52.3% since March 2022, hybrid gasoline is actually at its highest point ever and, along with hybrid diesel, represents more than a quarter of all searches. Diesel appears to be recovering from a slight dip, but the fluctuations are not significant enough to cause significant changes in the top 7 most sought-after fuel types.

Grade Fuel Type Percentage of searches
1 Gasoline 52,3%
2 Hybrid gasoline 24,4%
3 Diesel 9,4%
4 Electricity 8,6%
5 LPG 2,6%
6 Hybrid-diesel 1,5%
7 Natural gas/CNG 1,2%