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Up to what speed does a phone holder stay on the bike?

October 5, 2022

Cheaper solution

The latest motorcycles increasingly have a bluetooth link to connect to your smartphone. But the bulk of engines do not yet have that technology. And so – to navigate, for example – you will have to buy a separate navigation system. Yet it doesn’t have to be, because a much cheaper solution is to use your smartphone.

Smartphone on motorcycle

It is important then that you use the smartphone in a safe way. A motorcycle phone holder offers a solution, as you can easily and safely carry your phone on your motorcycle. For example, use the navigation system on your smartphone and turn on speed camera alerts as well, which is only nice during a longer drive.

Huge range of phone holders

The range of phone holders for motorcycles is huge. You can find a suitable holder for every type of smartphone. Pay particular attention to the image diagonal of your smartphone, measured in inches. Based on that information, you can make a good choice. Moreover, there are different types of holders. Some have an elastic band to clamp the smartphone, others have a click system or a swivel mount where you snap the phone into the holder with case and all. Also look out for a 360-degree rotation option so you can use the phone in both portrait and landscape mode .Choices abound in any case.

“Don’t skimp on a phone holder for your motorcycle, better safe than sorry, right?”

Sturdy construction

The manufacturer of a
motorcycle phone holder
invests heavily in development, not only in the holder of the phone itself, but also in the construction with which you attach the smartphone holder to your motorcycle. All connections must be sturdy enough to safely use your phone on the bike. Because you shouldn’t think about your smartphone flying off your motorcycle at 130 km/h.

Up to what speed?

Up to what speed a smartphone stays in the cradle is often not communicated by a manufacturer. But that it is well above the maximum permitted speed, that much is clear. A good smartphone holder clamps securely around your smartphone so you can safely hit the road, even on bumpy roads or higher speeds. Those who simply stick to the permitted speeds have little to fear. All systems provide security at those speeds.

Cheap is expensive

Do get informed beforehand
by the specialist, as they can explain to you well what the advantages and disadvantages of some systems are and which motorcycle mount is best suited to your motorcycle and riding style. Also know that there are many Chinese imitation items on the Internet. Those are nice and cheap, of course, but the question is whether to invest in those systems. Say you’ve just bought a new iPhone 14 Pro or new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – still phones well over $1,000 each – then you want to opt for a solid
phone case
on the motorcycle. Preferably a waterproof one, because that way you can use it through all kinds of weather. Cheap is expensive. Rather, invest in quality.

Battery life older phones

Do you have an older phone? Realize then that the battery life is shorter, especially if continuous navigation is enabled. Fortunately, there are motorcycle phone holders with a USB cable so you can recharge your phone on the go. You must then have a USB connector on your motorcycle. It can also be retrofitted.

Tip of the House

Finally, a tip of the house. Always enable your navigation app before departure. That way you won’t have to worry about it on the road. Moreover, smartphone displays do not always respond nicely to motorcycle gloves. So if you want to change something about the route along the way, stop in a safe place and only then make the changes. Safety comes first. Don’t skimp on a phone holder for your motorcycle. Better safe, than sorry, right?