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Triumph Rocket 3 with….342 hp!

December 3, 2022

You probably know Silverstone from the famous British race track that appears on the racing calendars of MotoGP and Formula One. Also nearby is a company called TTS Performance, which supplies compressor kits for fat motorcycles. Such a kit screws up the power considerably. In August, in honor of its 40th anniversary, the company showed a tuned Suzuki Hayabusa with 372 hp.

Hayabusa job tasted like more

That job tasted like more. The owner of TTS Performance, Richard Albans, set his sights on one of today’s heaviest cruisers, especially when it comes to displacement: the 2.5-liter Triumph Rocket 3. In his opinion, more power than the somewhat tame 167 hp for this displacement and a maximum torque of 225 Nm could be extracted from it.

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Compressor kit for Triumph Rocket 3

TTS Performance developed a compressor for the Rocket 3, and with it, this cruiser from Triumph now produces 342 horsepower. At least that was the power the Dyno test bench indicated. Maximum torque rises to 373 Nm, which is very hefty for a motorcycle, even for this Rocket 3 weighing just over 300 kg.

Chunky three-cylinder

Of course, a compressor was not simply bolted onto the clunky three-cylinder. From the photos and this video, you can already see that TTS Performance has integrated a fine piece of technology into the 2.5-liter block with a piece of eye-catching carbon here and there, such as for the air intake tube.

Various modifications to block

The Rotrex compressor is on the left front of the block. The intake was completely modified and a different exhaust was also fitted. Different camshafts were installed in the cylinder head that open the valves faster. Also, the engine electronics are set for the changes. Incidentally, in this photo, a Triumph Rocket 3 TFC forms the base. Only 750 of this version were produced, and in this special the engine already delivers a bit more power as standard, and that is 182 hp.

What is the cost of the compressor for the Rocket 3?

Should you have plans for your own Rocket 3, the compressor kit can be purchased from TTS Performance for about 9,300 euros converted. You would do well to also order the hotter camshafts and special pistons with it for about 1,700 euros. Now just find someone to screw the whole thing on and your rocket is ready. Oh yes, keep in mind that you won’t have to turn to Triumph for factory warranty after the transformation. TTS Performance, however, is not a company of tinkers. With forty years of supplying numerous compressor kits for various motorcycles, there is the necessary experience on what can and cannot be done.