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Traffic police The Hague are hot on the heels of driver Volkswagen Golf 4 – VIDEO

September 9, 2022

Traffic Police The Hague tracked down the driver of the Volkswagen Golf 4 through an ANPR (automatic license plate recognition) hit. The team issued a stop sign in response to this hit, but it was ignored. Indeed, the driver took off in the direction of Amsterdam at Leidschendam.

“Stolen, false license plates, refueling without paying and involved in robbery”


In Roelofarendsveen, it did “laps,” allowing the rapid intervention vehicle to eventually hook up. The vehicle was eventually found to be stolen and was driving around with fake license plates. These plates had also been used to refuel several times without paying. Also, the occupants appeared to be involved in a robbery. Now they are stuck.

Pursuit by Rapid Intervention Vehicle High-speed chase