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Toyota breaks sales records

October 30, 2023

Production record

In the aftermath of the corona crisis, numerous automakers struggled to scale up production, but at Toyota, they can now push the gas pedal full force again: the factories are running at full capacity. Between April and September, 5.7 million cars rolled off the production line, up 8 percent from the same period last year. More than five million have a Toyota or Lexus badge on the nose, but with 358,283 vehicles built, Daihatsu also contributes to the new production record.

Sales record

The Japanese automaker has no trouble finding customers for its cars. The brand sold 5.6 million cars in the April-September period. Sales were particularly brisk in Japan, North America and Europe. By 2023, the brand has already sold more than 8 million cars so far. Over 76,000 have an all-electric powertrain. Nearly 2.5 million use hybrid technology. The brand also sold some 3,500 hydrogen cars this year; the Toyota Mirai.