Top 10 most viewed AutoRAI videos of 2023

December 29, 2023

Top 10

It’s hard work, but we enjoy doing it: testing cars. Every week we post fresh reviews on, so you can discover which four-wheeler is your perfect match. We not only capture our car love with the pen, but also in moving images on our YouTube channel. This year, once again, countless viewers found their way to our videos. We have listed the top 10 most viewed videos of 2023.

10. The new Dacia Jogger Hybrid is a brilliant camper and fuel-efficient family car – AutoRAI TV – 34,727 views

The Dacia Jogger is a beloved car on the AutoRAI editorial staff. It’s a good deal and those are hard to find in car land these days. For a very reasonable price, you get a spacious car that is solidly built and offers more of what you expect from it. Until now, you could only get it with 100 or 110 horsepower and you always had to change gears yourself. Now there is a new version with automatic transmission and 140 hp: the Jogger Hybrid. It is Dacia’s first hybrid car. Oh, and you can turn it into a mini-camper. How do they do it!?

9. SKODA KODIAQ 2024 – A REUS of a Skoda! – WALKAROUND – AutoRAI TV – 36,777 views

The second-generation Skoda Kodiaq is expected on the Dutch market from mid-May 2024. That will take some time. To warm up the public in advance, we already got the chance to get acquainted with the new Kodiaq recently. In this video, we explain all the details.

8. New Peugeot E-3008 travels 700 kilometers and comes to market in early 2024 – AutoRAI TV – 35,007 views

The current Peugeot 3008 has become an absolute bestseller. Over the past seven years, the model has won over 1,320,000 customers in 130 countries. Peugeot obviously hopes to match that figure with the new all-electric Peugeot e-3008. Peugeot itself speaks of a “next-level electric fastback SUV with a driving range of up to 700 kilometers.” That sounds promising.

7. DACIA DUSTER (2024) – The COOLEST Dacia ever! – Everything you need to know – AutoRAI TV – 39,283 views

Dacia presents the third-generation Duster. The usually budget-friendly brand packs quite a punch: the new Duster has a more robust and assertive design, more durable materials and, thanks to the CMF-B platform, is available with hybrid powertrain. But then, of course, the key question is: does it still offer the best value for money in this segment?

6. These 30 new cars are coming to the Netherlands in 2024! – AutoRAI TV – 46,762 views

The year 2024 is approaching. A great time to look at new cars coming to the Dutch market during 2024. We list a total of 30 models. Read the article here.

5. This is how it should have been from the beginning – Volkswagen ID.3 (2023) Review – AutoRAI TV – 48,032 views

4. This dragon of a car is rock solid, but missing 1 thing – BYD Han (2023) – AutoRAI TV – 50,144 views

You may already know the brand from its many TV ads: BYD. The brand is a giant player in China and now wants to conquer Europe. hit the road with the best the brand has to offer: the BYD Han.

3. GAMECHANGER! Citroën ë-C3 is the first truly affordable EV – AutoRAI TV – 54.229 views

Citroën has a mission to make electric mobility accessible to all. For example, the brand is coming out with an all-electric Citroën ë-C3 that will be marketed for surprisingly little money: less than 25 grand! There will even be another 21,000 euro version, excluding subsidies. Is the Netherlands falling massively in love with the ë-C3?

2. DACIA SPRING Electric, what does it really cost? (2023) – REVIEW – AutoRAI TV54,349 views

The Dacia Spring is the cheapest full-size passenger car in the Netherlands. But what does this EV really cost? And how do you like the new 65-horsepower electric motor in practice? Time for answers.

1. TEST: Mid-summer vacation to southern France in a 2023 BMW i4 – What happened here!? – 82,858 views

France, the country that until recently challenged many an electric adventurer. Large parts of the country were even known as “loading desert. But times are changing. The country’s charging infrastructure is evolving at lightning speed. (Quick) chargers now appear on every corner, and the charging network is growing by the day. headed south and found out what French loading work will look like in the summer of 2023. Is it finally possible to effortlessly find your way to the Mediterranean without stress?