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This TAG Heuer Mario Kart watch costs 4,150 euros!

October 17, 2022

TAG Heuer x Mario Kart Formula 1 Chronograph

There will be two versions of the TAG Heuer x Mario Kart. The entry-level called Formula 1 Chronograph costs 4,150 euros. The edition of this Mario Kart watch is limited to 3,250 copies.

TAG Heuer x Mario Kart Formula 1 Tourbillon Chronograph

Can it be a little more exclusive? Then go for the Formula 1 Tourbillon Chronograph. Limited to 250 units, it is also a bit more expensive: 24,750 euros. So almost 25,000 euros for a Mario Kart watch. “Mama Mia!”, Mario himself would say.

Let’s-a go!

All well and good, but what exactly is so Mario Kart about these watches from TAG Heuer? Then look especially at the small details, such as M logos on the crown, Mario Kart designation on the bezel and on the back plate an image of his kart. The Tourbillon variant has another Koopa shield and a Bullet Bill. Funny detail: in the date box, you will occasionally see game items popping up, such as a banana peel or the well-known Super Star. TAG Heuer starts delivery on Oct. 20, but order books open as early as Oct. 17. Okay, ready? Let’s-a go!