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This KAMM 912c (Porsche 912) weighs only 699 kilograms!

December 18, 2023

KAMM 912c

The KAMM 912c – launched in 2022 – received high praise around the world for its combination of high performance and low weight. The 750-kilogram residual mod – with a semi-carbon fiber body – retained its original steel roof and rear side panels. But other than that, a lot of carbon fiber was mostly used to keep the weight down.

699 kilograms

For 2024, KAMManufaktur is going one step further: an all-carbon fiber 912c, with every body panel replaced with carbon fiber. With this option, the total weight is expected to drop to 699 kilograms, a savings of more than 300 kilograms over a standard 912. Compared to the semi-carbon fiber version, the fully carbon variant is still over 50 kilograms lighter.

When choosing the all-carbon fiber body, owners can choose from a variety of finish options, ranging from a fully visible fabric to a fully painted classic look.

KAMM 912c

50-50 weight distribution

KAMManufaktur founder Miklós Kázmér says, “At KAMM we are always looking for new ways to save weight while improving driving dynamics. With the all-carbon 912c, we aim to save weight at the rear and top of the car, to get as close as possible to the 50-50 weight distribution.”

Air-cooled four-cylinder engine

The 2024 912c also features a host of technical upgrades, including a more powerful air-cooled four-cylinder engine, new KAMM-designed seat options, improved aerodynamics for better stability, improved air conditioning and enhanced in-car audio and phone connectivity.

Carbon fiber body

Miklós Kázmér adds: “I am a perfectionist and am constantly looking for innovative new ways to improve the 912c. Our new carbon fiber body is a good example of this, with a perfect fit, incredible strength and further weight savings. In addition, the 2024 912c will offer a range of improvements to further enhance driving enjoyment and provide an even more rewarding ownership experience. We look forward to delivering the first customer cars in early 2024 and will show our new development car to the world for evaluation later this year.”

The price of the KAMM 912c

In standard specification, the all-carbon 2024 KAMM 912c costs 400,000 euros, including a donor 912. Customers can also choose to donate their own 912 for conversion, at a cost of 360,000 euros. The semi-carbon KAMM 912c costs 360,000 euros in standard specification and 320,000 euros if the buyer provides their own 912.

KAMM 912c

KAMM 912c