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This is what the Vinfast VF 8 and VF 9 cost in the Netherlands

May 10, 2022


Maybe you’ve never heard of it: VinFast. The automaker from Vietnam is part of the Vingroup: one of the largest private companies from Vietnam. Vingroup is active in the Vietnamese construction and real estate sector and also has major interests in education, health care, agriculture, tourism and consumer spending sectors. The company even owns one of the tallest buildings in Asia, the 461.2 meter high Landmark 81 . The Vingroup also builds cars under the VinFast label. The VF 8 and VF 9 are the first two models to come to the Netherlands in the second half of this year.

VinFast VF 8

The VF 8 is the smallest of the duo, but with a length of 4.75 meters you cannot call it a small SUV. There are two versions: the Eco and Plus. You can choose from two battery packs: 82 or 87.7 kWh. The Eco variant can reach 420 kilometers on a single charge with the small battery pack, and 471 kilometers with the large pack. With the Plus variant, that is 400 or 447 kilometers.

Prices and specifications VinFast VF 8




VF 8 Eco VF 8 Plus
Drive Specifications          
Assets 353 hp (260 kW) 408 hp (300 kW)
500 Nm 620 Nm
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 5.9 seconds 5.5 seconds
top speed 200 km/h            200 km/h           
82 kWh 420 kilometers 400 kilometers
87.7 kWh 471 kilometers 447 kilometers
82 kWh € 44,350
87.7 kWh € 44,650 €51,650

VinFast VF 9

The VinFast VF 9 is a large seven-seater and also available with two battery packs: 92 kWh and 123 kWh. The large battery pack provides more range, of course, but not more power. Both versions have 408 hp and 620 Nm thanks to two electric motors.

Prices and specifications VinFast VF 9


VF 9 Eco VF 9 Plus
Drive Specifications          
Assets 408 hp (300 kW) 408 hp (300 kW)
620 Nm 620 Nm
0-100 km/h (92 kWh) 7.5 seconds 7.5 seconds
0-100 km/h (123 kWh) 6.5 seconds 6.5 seconds
top speed 200 km/h            200 km/h           
92 kWh 438 kilometers 423 kilometers
123 kWh 594 kilometers 580 kilometers
92 kWh € 59,200 € 64,200
123 kWh € 59,650 € 64,650

Prices are without battery

The battery is not included in the prices mentioned above. It will only be possible to buy a car including a battery from 2024. Until then you have to take out a battery subscription. There are two subscription types: Fixed and Flexible. The Fixed Package has no kilometer limit and costs 120 euros per month for the VF 8 and 150 euros for the VF 9. If you drive less than 500 kilometers per month, you should go for the Flexible subscription. The prices of these will be announced by the Vietnamese soon.

All maintenance and repair costs are included in the subscription. The possible replacement of the battery pack, if the residual capacity should fall below 70%, is also a free part of the subscription. The brand expects that after 2024, 50% of buyers will choose a Vinfast EV with a battery subscription, the other half will buy the car including battery pack. 

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