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This is the new Opel Manta, sort of…

August 9, 2023

Preview of future production cars

“Our new Opel Experimental is a more extreme interpretation of our Bold and Pure design philosophy. It shapes our vision of the future. Many of the elements of the design and the mindset behind it will be seen in future production cars,” said Mark Adams, Vice President of Design.

Special features Opel Experimental

Opel plays with lighting effects in this model. Chrome shines with absence. By application of exterior lighting and contrasting graphics does add some excitement to the design. Traditional exterior mirrors have been replaced by fully integrated 180-degree cameras on the C-pillars. Broadly speaking, the efficient battery-electric crossover is based on an advanced Stellantis BEV platform. The car also has electric all-wheel drive. Further technical specifications are lacking.

Opel Experimental 2023

4D Opel Vizor

Notable is the new 4D Opel Vizor. The added dimension is the addition of vision technologies including sensors, lidar, radar and camera systems. Other features include elongated light units with wing signature on the horizontal axis and an illuminated center crease. The back takes on the characteristics of the front. The brake light is done in compass signature.


The Opel Experimental also has clever aerodynamics. Front and rear aero flaps increase aerodynamic efficiency, as does the rear diffuser. The Aero flaps slide in or out depending on the driving situation. The tires – developed in cooperation with Goodyear – are made of recycled rubber. These Goodyear tires wrap 3-zone Ronal wheels that also improve aerodynamics of the car.

Collapsible steering wheel

According to Opel, the Experimental has C-segment dimensions and D-segment space. The German automaker talks about a so-called “space detox” principle, freeing up as much space as possible. For example, the steering wheel can be folded away when not needed. This is made possible by the steer-by-wire system. This saves weight and eliminates the need for mechanical steering components. This concept car also has lightweight adaptive seats finished special fabrics with 3D mesh technology. In the interior we also detect the Tech Bridge, a new interpretation of the Pure Panel as Opel uses in current models. Instead of conventional displays, information or entertainment is presented using enhanced projection technology, aided by artificial intelligence and natural voice control.

Pure Pad and electrochromic fabrics

In addition, this Vauxhall has a floating, transparent Pure Pad in front of the front armrest. The driver can also fully tailor this element to personal preferences, allowing direct access to the most frequently used controls. Electrochromatic fabrics complete the look. Thanks to these fabrics, occupants enjoy atmospheric light. This lighting is also “smart. For example, when a vehicle enters the blind spot, a warning appears in the corresponding door insert and on the head-up display.

World premiere Opel Experimental

The battery-electric Opel Experimental crossover will have its world premiere at the IAA Mobility in Munich from September 5 to 10, 2023.

Opel Experimental 2023

Opel Experimental 2023