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This is how much Verstappen pays in dues for Formula 1

February 20, 2023


To enter the racing season, teams pay entry fees to the FIA. They do this at the beginning of each year. Drivers must hold a super license in order to compete in Formula One, a kind of membership fee. That piece of paper is not free. Indeed, it costs loads of money. Especially if you scored quite a few points last season.

What about that exactly?

Drivers pay a base fee for their super license of 10,400 euros. That pays everyone, regardless of performance in the previous season. The rest of the amount payable will be determined based on the number of points scored in the previous season. A World Cup point won costs 2,100 euros on top of the base fee.

So with a good season, you’re pretty much in the clear. Also knows Verstappen now, who must transfer a sum of 963,800 euros(!) to the FIA’s account. The Dutchman sees the following sum on the receipt: 10,400 euros + (454 points x 2,100 euros) = 963,800 euros. So then!

A record amount

The amount is an absolute record. Never before has a driver been presented with such a high super license fee. The amount also makes Verstappen giddy. Speaking to Motorsport-Total, Max indicated that he is not a fan of this rule: “It is an absurd amount. I don’t think it’s right that we should start paying so much money for this. This does not happen in any other sport. And then we also get more and more and more races.”

Verstappen, who should not have to worry about the amount, is lucky according to Helmut Marko. Red Bull’s advisor: “I am afraid we are going to pay the cost, because if I remember correctly that is included in Max’s contract.”

Entry fee of all drivers

Below is the entry fee all drivers must pay prior to the new F1 season.

Driver Points in 2022 Total amount
Verstappen 454 € 963.800
Leclerc 308 € 657.200
Perez 305 € 650.900
Russell 275 € 587.900
Sainz 246 € 527.000
Hamilton 240 € 514.400
Norris 122 € 266.600
Ocon 92 € 203.600
Alonso 81 € 180.500
Bottas 49 € 113.300
Magnussen 25 € 62.900
Gasly 23 € 58.700
Stroll 18 € 48.200
Tsunoda 12 € 35.600
Zhou 6 € 23.000
Albon 4 € 18.800
De Vries 2 €14.600
Hulkenberg 0 € 10.400
Piastri 0 € 10.400
Sargeant 0 € 10.400

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