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This electric car gets 1,000 kilometers far

December 19, 2023


Nio currently offers five models in our country, all of which are available with two battery variants: 75 kWh and 100 kWh. Nio is now introducing a new battery pack with 150 kWh capacity, enabling a range of 1,000 kilometers in some models. Since all Nio models can change their battery, it is possible in the future that current models could upgrade to the extra-large battery.

1,044 kilometers

In China, the brand conducted a demonstration ride on an ET7 with the so-called ulta-long-range battery. The trip lasted a total of more than 14 hours, including 1.6 hours of rest breaks. The route started in Shanghai and ended in the outskirts of Xiamen, a city on China’s southeast coast. During the drive, 1,044 km was driven, after which there was enough power left in the battery for 36 kilometers. The average speed during the ride was quite high: 83.9 km/h. When Nio will introduce the large battery on large in the Netherlands is not yet clear.