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This BMW E30 325i occasion is an open book

August 16, 2023

BMW E30 325i as a teaching object

The story of this BMW E30 325i begins at auto mechanic school in Essen. The BMW was delivered there new. Not as a “normal” car, but as a teaching object. Indeed, this E30 provides a unique look at the technology on board. For this reason, several panels are openwork. Because the car has not actually been driven, it looks like new. In fact, it looks like it came straight from the factory.

Virgin mileage

This BMW E30 is almost 50% decomposed, so driving is very difficult. By the way, this one is equipped with a 25i block, loved by car enthusiasts around the world. In fact, this is about more than just a car. It is a story on wheels, a museum piece. The car is for sale at Hoog Selections in Katwijk. Price tag? The company is asking 29,950 euros.

BMW 3 Series E30 - Lesson Object - High Selections