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These gadgets should not be missing in your car

August 15, 2022

Gadgets make everyday life a lot easier and provide a lot of convenience. You can also upgrade your car with useful accessories. Whether you buy a new car from a garage or a used one from a dealer, there are always gadgets that enhance your experience. We give you tips on the must-have gadgets for the car.

Phone accessories

Phone Holder

This accessory is obvious, but the most useful. Nowadays, we use our phone for almost everything. Think navigation, hands-free calling and music playback. To safely use your phone in the car, you need a phone holder. You can attach a phone holder to the heat grid or to the window. This allows you to have adequate visibility of your phone and the road at the same time. Number one tip from every driving school, when you start driving. Keep sight of the road!

USB charger

If you use your phone a lot in the car, it will also drain quickly. Therefore, a USB charger is really not to be missed. In used cars, you can attach it in the cigarette lighter. In modern, new cars, a USB connection is already added in most cases. So pay close attention to whether you need a car charger or just your phone cable.

Other gadgets

Jump Starter

It happens to all of us from time to time: the battery of your car won’t start anymore. This could be because you left your lights on by mistake, for example. Very annoying and on the ANWB you can usually wait a while too. Therefore, make sure you always have a jump starter on hand. Especially in winter, this gadget can help you. Your car’s battery can just freeze and it takes more time than usual for someone to help you. A must-have gadget that will save you a lot of money!

Glass hammer

New cars often already have this, with a car that you take over it is often not included. A glass hammer is a necessary gadget that can help you get out of the car when windows are stuck. Your driving school in The Hague can explain more about this. This may be due to a traffic accident, for example. In addition, the hammer features a small knife on the back, which you can use to cut open your belt, for example.