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These are the best car insurance policies for you

December 6, 2022

That good car insurance is important, everyone knows. Only which insurance is the best then? That question is a bit trickier to answer. This involves a number of factors. For example, the age of your car matters, how much you drive, and it also plays into what amount you spend each month. Since you drive an electric car, it already becomes a little easier to make the right choice. Only you must remember that there is more to car insurance than the standard car insurance.

Pay per kilometer

For example, did you know that there is car insurance where you pay per mile driven. This works as follows. You have a basic premium. You always pay those. In addition, estimate the number of miles you expect to drive per year. This becomes the variable premium. If you drive fewer miles than expected, the premium you overpaid will be nicely refunded.

Conversely, of course, this also applies. If you drove more than previously budgeted, you have to pay extra premium. With many people working from home most of the time, this can be beneficial insurance. So paying per mile is a lot cheaper if you don’t drive excessively.

All risk, casco or third-party?

The next choice you have to make is what type of insurance you choose. Did you just buy a new electric car? Then there is really only one good choice, and that is all risk. The value of cars six years old or younger is high. If damage needs to be repaired, the amount adds up considerably.

WA + casco is the best choice for cars aged between 6 and 12 years. In addition to damage you cause to other cars, these policies also cover damage caused by natural phenomena (e.g., hail damage) and animals crossing over, among other things.

In turn, third-party insurance is suitable for older cars, those 12 years or older. For most electric cars, this is not an option (yet). With third-party insurance, only damage to other cars, passengers and road users is covered.

Additional insurances

It is not only with health insurance that it is possible to purchase supplemental insurance. You can do the same with car insurance. Examples of this type of insurance are passenger insurance, legal expenses insurance and accessory insurance.

Occupant insurance speaks for itself. Legal expenses insurance comes in handy when claim settlement after an accident is difficult. So laborious that this must be fought out in court. Legal fees can be quite high.

And accessory insurance is handy if, unsurprisingly, you have fancy accessories on or in the car. Accessories fitted to the car by the factory are automatically insured. Accessories you added later do not. Examples include a tow bar and speakers. These can have a hefty value, making it worthwhile to insure them additionally.