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There it is: the BMW R 1300 GS Adventure

July 10, 2024

Did you always think the BMW R 1250 GS Adventure was just a tad too tall? And for that reason, had you already crossed its successor, the BMW R 1300 GS Adventure, off your list? Well, add it again if you’re in for a heavy and travel heavy all-roader. With optional adaptive height control, it lowers 30 mm just before you stop. And in addition, you can check a comfort system that lowers the seat height another 20 mm. So up to five inches it can be lowered.

BMW R 1300 GS Adventure can also shift gears automatically

It is just one of the many options BMW offers for its new R 1300 GS Adventure. In fact, the brand wants to make its ultimate grand tourer suitable for as many riders and applications as possible. The list of extras and especially electronic assistance is of unprecedented proportions. Another example: Automated Shift Assistant is also possible. Clutching and shifting are then automatic and, if desired, with a program that also adapts shifting actions to off-road conditions.

Compact boxer engine

The twin-cylinder boxer engine is at the heart of the new R 1300 GS Adventure. The new engine, first introduced for the R 1300 GS, is more compact than on the previous R 1250 GS Adventure partly due to the placement of the transmission under the engine. The 1,300 cc engine delivers 107 kW (145 hp) at 7,750 rpm and maximum torque is 149 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

Frame constructed of steel

In the riding area, the frame constructed of steel plays the main role with increased rigidity compared to the previous GS frame. The bolt-on rear frame is now aluminum and thus no longer consists of steel tubing. The new EVO Telelever front wheel guide and the revised EVO Paralever rear wheel guide contribute to steering precision and ride stability.

Standard with Dynamic Suspension Adjustment

Electronic Dynamic Suspension Adjustment (DSA) is standard. That adjusts front and rear shock absorption and spring stiffness – depending on the selected driving mode, conditions and maneuvers. Automatic suspension adjustment also provides load compensation.

Enduro driving mode included

The new R 1300 GS Adventure features four riding modes as standard. In addition to Eco, Road and Rain, there is the Enduro driving mode. This driving mode features an off-road setup for better handling on unpaved surfaces. ABS and electronic traction control and engine brake control have therefore been modified to maximize grip on loose surfaces.

Flat LED floodlights

The new R 1300 GS Adventure features a very compact full-LED headlight with distinctive light icon, which is also seen on the “regular” GS. The light unit consists of one LED unit for low and high beam, supplemented by four LED units for daytime running lights and side lights. New are the two extra-flat supplemental LED spotlights, seamlessly incorporated into the fairing. LED turn signals integrated into the handguards complete the striking lighting concept of the R 1300 GS Adventure.

Electronic safety nets

The new R 1300 GS Adventure comes standard with Dynamic Cruise Control (DCC) with braking function. Optionally, the Riding Assistant offers even more features, with Active Cruise Control (ACC), Front Collision Warning (FCW), Lane Change Warning and the new Rear End Collision Warning (RECW). The latter system warns following traffic with rapidly flashing hazard lights.

Up to 130 liters for luggage

Optionally available is a robust aluminum top case with a capacity of 37 liters. You can mount those on a vibration-free mount and with an electrical interface for lights and USB connection. The case also has integrated passenger handles. The load capacity is 8 kg. The new aluminum side cases have a load capacity of up to 10 kg and a combined capacity of more than 73 liters (37 liters on the left, 36.5 liters on the right). The magnetic coupling of the left case serves as an electrical interface for the USB connector in the case. Also optional are aluminum volume extensions of 10 liters per case.

Up to 30 liters for gasoline

The aluminum fuel tank has a capacity of 30 liters. The tank can also be used for carrying luggage. For that, there are three fasteners on top of the tank panel. Optionally available is a 12-liter waterproof tank bag, which you can fold up so that the tank cap and smartphone compartment are still quickly accessible. Also standard are the rubber-inlaid storage compartments to the left and right of the tank.

Three versions

With its Racing Red uni paint, the new R 1300 GS Adventure already has an athletic and toned appearance in standard trim. The silver tank, black or red buddyseats, black grips, black wheels and red hand guards are a striking contrast. Furthermore, you can choose Triple Black with black accents, a fuel tank finished in Tinted Clear Coat and silver inserts. The GS Trophy has a sporty color scheme. Racing Blue metallic is combined with striking Light White uni paint and stripes in Racing Red. As Option 719 Karakorum, the R 1300 GS Adventure is finished in the exclusive color Aurelius Green Metallic matte. Gold lines, the “Option 719” badge on the tank and the package of components made of Shadow milled aluminum complete the high-end look. Gold wheels and handles also immediately catch the eye.

The BMW R 1300 GS Adventure will have its market launch in late 2024 with a consumer recommended retail price starting at €26,950.