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Themed Slots: Motorcycles and Cars

April 19, 2022

Online slots

You are certainly familiar with the fruit machines from the cafe or the sports canteen. Nowadays, these cabinets are no longer everywhere, but this game can still be found in abundance in the online casino. A slot machine is a mechanical game of chance that works on coins. The modern versions also sometimes work on paper money. An online slot machine naturally works with digital money. Behind every online slot machine is an RNG (Random Number Generator) chip with software that ensures that the rows of symbols stop at a random moment on every individual spin.

In addition to the well-known slot games such as Book of Ra and Book of Dead to Random Runner and Starburst, there are many more online slot games. Did you know, for example, that there are also slots with a motorcycle or car theme? Read on quickly because we will tell you all about it.

The best slots with a car theme

Online slots nowadays often have a unique theme, such as cars. This is one of the most popular themes. You will encounter the most beautiful cars on the reels and the background of the slot machine is often tailored to the theme. Everything is worked out from head to toe. Think of street racing and all the attributes of the car world, but also sound effects are present so that you can fully enjoy this specific theme. While playing this game you can hear the car engine. From Grand Prix to Monster Wheels and 5G Turbo.

The Grand Prix slot is one of the most popular car themed games. Are you a fan of Formula 1? Then this game is for you. Go on a scavenger hunt in the racing world where the spectators are watching.

The best slots with a motorcycle theme

Slots let their engines smoke heavily! From Slots Angels to Easy Slider. One of the most famous slot games is Slots Angels. This 5-reel slot machine has 30 paylines and allows players to be part of a motorcycle club riding their Harley Davidson . Taste the atmosphere of brotherhood and naughtiness during this beautiful game. Enjoy a sensational ride full of graphics and appropriate music. Easy Slider is a slot machine with a nod to the cult movie Easy Rider. Enjoy the rock music in the background as you drive through the wide American landscape. You hit the road in search of prizes!

Game rules of a slot machine

Are you not yet familiar with the rules of a slot machine? It’s not difficult at all. You put money in the cupboard and press a button. Then the symbols on the reels start moving. If there is a winning combination, you have won! For online slots you often need a little more information. You have multiple functions and effects. This makes it all a bit more complicated, because all of this affects the rules of the game. The basic rules remain the same.