The popular car themed slots

April 21, 2022

Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. Online casinos nowadays also have a large selection of games online. So you can play one of the classics, such as Roulette or Poker. But did you know that there are also plenty of car themed slots? We’ve rounded up the most popular car themed slots for you. 

Car themed casino games

Most casino games have a unique theme, such as a car theme for example. The car theme is also one of the most popular themes among online gambling. Bee this kind of casino games  you come across the most beautiful cars and the background of the game is often matched to the unique theme. Everything is worked out from head to toe. You can hear the car’s engine while playing.  

5G Turbo

The 5G Turbo is the most popular car themed slot and can be played in almost all online casinos. This slot revolves around a car race and is kept very simple. This makes it easy for every new participant to play.  

5 Reel Drive

This slot machine is all about fast cars . Because it is also a 5 Reel Drive, it is made even more exciting. In addition, this slot machine is also linked to the Mega Moolah jackpot that continues to increase every second. Every round you have a chance to win more money and the jackpot keeps increasing. This makes this slot game extra exciting.  

Grand Prix

The Grand Prix should certainly not be missing from this list. Are you a Formula 1 fan? Then this slot machine is ideal for you. The Grand Prix slot machine is a unique appearance in online casinos. This slot machine is a multiplayer slot machine. During this game you go on a treasure hunt in the racing world where the spectators watch. You can play on a base game and a follow-up game. The goal of the Grand Prix is to gain enough points in the base game so that you can gamble in the sequel game.

Macau Racing

Are you someone who likes street racing? Then the Macau Racing is probably something for you. The Macau Racing slot machine is a real street racing slot machine. The game is set in the Chinese gambling paradise Macau. In addition, you can win a top prize of 888 times the total bet. There are also several features that can help you win a prize faster.