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The new Range Rover (2022) will pamper you – Drive Test

October 4, 2022

Attraction Range Rover

What is it with the Range Rover? People feel particularly strongly about Land Rover’s mastodon. Maybe it’s the luxury? The space? Or still the look? One thing is certain: Land Rover has nothing to complain about in terms of sales of its largest SUV. The new Range Rover is expected to further surpass its predecessor in terms of sales figures. There are more and more rich people in the world and they need to do something with their pennies.

Downsides of new Range Rover

Still, the new Range Rover is not yet perfect. Yep, let’s kick off right away with some cons. Just got that over with. For example, the car oscillates strongly when cornering. Slowing down the pace a bit works wonders. The steering feel could be better. That is, a little more feedback in the steering wheel is desirable to enhance the sense of control.

A clue: the fuel consumption of the P530 variant with V8 engine is quite hefty, and what’s more, this V8 version of the new Range Rover is also expensive. It comes from 212,743 euros. Finally, the front seats have armrests on each side. Very nice, but the armrest gets in the way of the belt buckle.

Let it stand then?

Okay, so I shouldn’t buy that new Range Rover then? Well, right! After all, because the new Range Rover otherwise pampers you so strongly you quickly take those downsides for granted. Beautiful finish, extremely quiet and comfortable, fine seats and also clean design. At the very interior finish of this particular test car, Jan des Bouvrie would jump for joy. By the way, extremely contagious, this almost white interior trim. It wouldn’t be our choice, but we understand the combination of a satin Sunset Gold paint finish with this interior. It’s just incredibly classy.

Range Rover Prices

To return to prices for a moment. Fortunately, other engine versions are also available. Quite a lot even. On the menu are the D250, D300 and D350 mild-hybrid diesels. The cheapest diesel comes from 167,954 euros. But fortunately, it can be a bit more affordable. The advice in the Netherlands: get a plug-in hybrid! Due to its favorable CO2 emissions on paper, you pay significantly less BPM.

To make the difference clear: for the P440e plug-in hybrid, thanks to its CO2 emissions of 19 g/km, you pay only 456 euros in BPM. For the Range Rover P530 with 261 g/km CO2, that’s a sloppy 53,149 euros in BPM. That makes quite a difference! The starting price of the Range Rover P440e in the Netherlands starts at 142,951 euros. Cheaper is not going to get a Range Rover in the Netherlands, at least, not if you want a new one.

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Plug-in hybrids

By the way, there are other engine variants available. There is a mild-hybrid P400 gasoline version and another plug-in hybrid P510e. The PHEVs combine a six-in-line Ingenium gasoline engine with a 38.2 kWh lithium-ion battery – with a usable capacity of 31.8 kWh – and a 105 kW (143 hp) electric motor integrated into the transmission. Together, good for about 100 kilometers of electric driving range. Prefer a longer electric driving range? Then wait until 2024. Then comes the all-electric Range Rover.

Modular Longitudinal Architecture

Each new Range Rover sits on the new Modular Longitudinal Architecture, or MLA-Flex for short. This platform offers the necessary flexibility to accommodate all powertrains, as well as to play with wheelbases. For example, the new Range Rover comes as a Standard or Long Wheelbase body and with a variety of seating options, depending on customer requirements. Prefer two separate captain chairs in the back with massage, media screens and a wine cooler? You can hear that. You don’t have to buy a Rolls-Royce Cullinan for that.

Everything has been thought of in the new Range Rover

Exactly that was also a bit of Land Rover’s mission: the new Range Rover should kick the shins of a Cullinan. After all, that one is twice as expensive, whereas in the new Range Rover you don’t feel like you’ve settled for “less. Because everything has been thought of. Seat heating and ventilation, seat massage with even a hotstone function, a curved and floating 13.1-inch touchscreen with fine working infotainment system, you won’t be short of anything.

Haptic feedback

For the first time in a Land Rover, the central touchscreen provides haptic feedback when touched. Thus, the user receives confirmation of his action without having to look at the screen. This keeps your attention on the road and makes using Pivi Pro even more intuitive. The Pivi Pro infotainment system works in conjunction with a “semi-floating” 13.7-inch Interactive Driver Display with new HD graphics. Looks slick! There are physical buttons for operating the climate control. These are the well-known twist and pull buttons. Its operation is not yet perfect. Most of all, it takes some getting used to.

Heavy SUV, very heavy

You also have to get used to the weight of the new Range Rover at first. The P530 in which we are driving puts a sloppy 2,585 kilograms in the scales. And you notice that during braking actions. You have to pedal quite a bit to get the whole thing to a stop. Also realize that the Range Rover P530 Twin Turbo V8 is extremely powerful. No less than 530 hp, 750 Nm of pulling power, a 0-100 time of 4.6 seconds. We mean. By the way, BMW’s 4.4-liter V8 engine produces a fantastic soundtrack. Still, you have to enjoy it in moderation, because brisk driving soon makes you notice the fuel gauge. A fuel consumption with leisurely driving of 1 in 8 is already neat.

All-Wheel Steering

Range Rover also attempts to add some dynamics to its largest SUV. Thanks in part to All-Wheel Steering. This should provide greater stability at high speed and improved maneuverability at low speed. The electrically controlled rear axle can steer up to seven degrees and does so at low speed contra to the front wheels, making the Range Rover’s turning circle less than 11 meters – the smallest of any Land Rover model.

Dynamic Response Pro

The new Range Rover is also the first Land Rover to have what is known as the Dynamic Response Pro system. This new, active 48-volt anti-tilt system should prevent body tilting. To do this, the system can apply up to 1,400 Nm of torque to the stabilizer bars. Still, as far as we are concerned, the carriage’s sway could be reduced even further.

Offroad it can also

Of course, the new Range Rover is also packed with technology to enable off-road driving, but the question is whether customers will do so at all. The bulk of buyers just keep driving on asphalt and park their Range Rover on a fancy shopping street. Show off, in that the new Range Rover is extremely good. Also thanks to very tight lighting.

With Signature daytime running lights, dynamic turn signals, Adaptive Front Lighting and Image Projection technology at start-up, the lighting is an attraction in itself. Those who really want to seek out the blubber should not buy a Range Rover. Not that this SUV couldn’t do it, but simply because it no longer fits its character. Adventurers are better off buying a Defender. The worshippers of luxury choose a Range Rover.

Rear Seat Entertainment

Those seated in the back are unlikely to be bludgeoned out of the new Range Rover. You’ll enjoy the Rear Seat Entertainment system (RSE), with adjustable 11.4-inch HD touch screens, in comfort and tranquility. The screens can be operated independently and paired with most devices via an HDMI plug. Via the wifi hotspot function, passengers in the back have their own smart TV while on the road.

Active Noise Cancellation

In fact, this SUV is a kind of cinema on wheels. Not only because of the displays, but also because of the acoustic quality on board this SUV. That one is magisterial. In particular, this is also due to Active Noise Cancellation. The third-generation Active Noise Cancellation system captures wheel vibration, tire noise and engine noise entering the interior and generates an anti-signal that neutralizes these sounds through the system’s 35 speakers. This makes the sound from the 1,600-watt Meridian Signature Sound System even better. Two 60 mm diameter speakers in the four headrests provide personal silence zones with the same effect as high-quality “noise cancelling” headphones.

Air Quality

Although the P530 with powerful V8 is not too good for the environment, at least on board you don’t have to worry about air quality. Cabin Air Purification Pro includes dual-nanoe X technology for reducing the presence of allergens and removing pathogens. This helps significantly reduce unpleasant interior odors and viruses.

Conclusion driving test Range Rover P530

A palace on wheels, that is the best description for the new Range Rover. In terms of design, not a revolution, but an evolution. But everything does look super tight. Wonderful how the sheet metal flows over into the windows. Prefer not to take a black or gray one, it will drop the complete lines of the car. The new Range Rover is to be seen. Also because it is a darn tasty super-SUV. Impressive and for that reason greedy.