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The most reliable cars on the Dutch market

November 17, 2022

If you want to pick out and buy a car, it’s nice that you won’t find yourself at the side of the road with a defect immediately after picking it up. But which cars are the most reliable? The Consumers’ Association surveyed owners of various models and the following rankings emerged.

Reliability is at the top of many car buyers’ wish lists when picking out a new car. The Japanese traditionally do very well in that area. In last year’s Consumer Association survey, Mitsubishi Motors emerged as the most reliable car brand with a rating of 8.4.

The brands behind them are pretty close together: Suzuki is in second place with an 8.3, while Mazda takes third place on the podium of honor with an 8.2. Subaru ranked fourth with an 8.1. Fifth place is shared by several car brands: Honda, Toyota and Mini all receive an 8 from their owners. Kia (7.6), BMW (7.4) and Seat (7.4) round out the top 10.

So Mini is the most reliable European brand in the rankings according to this metric, but if you are looking for a reliable car brand, the advice remains to shop in the Japanese or South Korean corner of the market. Indeed, on average, consumers are most satisfied with these.

The most reliable model

When we look at the most reliable car, a completely different brand suddenly emerges. That, after all, is the Volkswagen Polo. According to Consumers Union, only one in 20 owners had to visit the garage once for something that was not a priority. In other words, very good.

Finding a reliable car is no longer at all difficult, thanks in part to this kind of research. So there is no need to take a gamble these days. Something that also applies to other things, for example, online casinos. The question of whether an online casino is reliable is easily answered thanks to various comparison sites. That way you will never have any surprises!

The gatekeeper

The Consumers Union survey found that Tesla owners tend to be the least satisfied with their car. They give a rating of 5.2, which is much lower than Volkswagen (6.0) and Citroën (6.1), for example. Tesla’s are hugely technically advanced cars, but so that comes at a price when it comes to reliability. Many Tesla owners seem to run into defects or inconveniences anyway. What is true, however, is that Tesla is still developing and the brand has made quite a bit of progress in recent years.