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The 3 best motorcycle routes in Vietnam

July 21, 2022

Located in the north of Vietnam, this route is a round trip of about 400 km starting and ending in the city of Ha Giang. For this tour, it is best to set aside 4 or 5 days and is for an experienced motorcyclist, as the roads are narrow with many turns. You will pass by the beautiful rocky mountains, which contrast with the abundance of greenery, limestone formations, small rivers, mountain passes, valleys and rice fields. It is pristine nature and beautiful to behold. You can enjoy the many viewpoints, you can visit the local markets and taste the local culture. The “normal” route is: from Ha Giang to Yen Minh, then to Dong Van, then on to Meo Vac and then back to Ha Giang. From Yen Minh you can take a small detour to the “Vietnamese North Pole,” the northernmost tip of Vietnam, Lung Cu, near the border with China. Despite not being very touristy in the north, the road (QL4C) is in good condition and doable on a motorcycle.

This is a route between the cities of Hué and Hoi An. The whole route is about 150 km, but the part called the ‘Hai Van Pass’ is a shorter stretch of route close to Da Nang. The name literally means “ocean cloud pass” and is a mountain pass about 21 km long that is breathtaking. You then drive along the Annamite Mountains and at the end of the pass you come out to the sea. Because of the climate difference, it is often foggy, which makes for a beautiful picture, but can also be very dangerous. It is a road with many hairpin bends, which is a good challenge for experienced motorcyclists.

This route is almost entirely along the southern coast of Vietnam and has beautiful views of the sea on one side and the mountains on the other. It is about 200 km long and takes about 4 days. So you can enjoy the many beaches of Vietnam on this route. The road is relatively quiet and straight, so this this this route may be good for a beginner too. From Nha Trang, it is about 130 kilometers to Da Lat, which is a beautiful city also called “The Little Paris” for its charm and old French architecture.

Arrange your visa Vietnam

Before you travel on a motorcycle through Vietnam, it is important to apply for a visa. You can apply for the visa for Vietnam entirely online and you do not need to visit the embassy to do so. The electronic visa (e-visa) is valid for 30 days and takes effect on the day you fill in the application form, which will be the expected day of arrival in Vietnam. So the visa takes effect on the that you fill out yourself, which is very nice, because you can arrange your visa far in advance and you will be well prepared to travel. Do pay attention to the conditions of the visa Vietnam.