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Test bike BMW F 900 XR but different

December 28, 2023

Students at The Regional Training Center in Den Bosch have excellent teaching material to this BMW. Electronic systems that control numerous functions are especially welcome in motorcycle mechanic training. After all, today almost all engines are equipped with sensors, control computers and electronic actuators. Getting to the bottom of this and testing it is very important today. The technician must be able to track and resolve faults quickly.

BMW R 1250 GS

“BMW Group has been a leader in innovations and new technologies for many years. It is crucial that students are able to work with state-of-the-art technology to best prepare them for the real world,” said Head of Motorrad Tom Crooijmans. “This is why we are offering the King William 1 College an additional motorcycle in the form of the new BMW F 900 XR, following on from the previously donated BMW R 1250 GS.”

High demand for mechanics

Koning Willem 1 College has been providing motorcycle engineering courses in the Netherlands for many years. “There is a high demand for motorcycle technicians. Well-trained technicians are vital to the BMW Group dealer organization,” Crooijmans continued. “So it is extra important to provide those future professionals with solid teaching materials as well. Particularly since, as in the automotive industry, there is a clear transition going on in the workshop, because even a motorcycle mechanic today is an IT and electronics expert.”

Thorough teaching materials

Tim van de Molengraaf, Manager of Sales at BMW Motorrad, presented the BMW F 900 XR to Coordinator of two-wheeler training Jaap Kroot. “It is important that students know how everything works, how components are made and where to find everything. To give students maximum support in their training as motorcycle technicians, we also provide all technical documentation, including teaching materials from the BMW Group Training Academy. After all, good preparation for practice is half the battle.”

What all does the F 900 XR offer?

The new BMW F 900 XR is a liquid-cooled twin-cylinder with electronic injection and a regulated 3-way catalytic converter. This motorcycle also has adaptive cornering lights, Keyless Ride, a TFT color display, Automatic Stability Control, ABS Pro, Electronic Suspension Adjustment and the smart emergency call eCall.